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How to provide mass customization services

Mass customization is really the new thing, really thing that sets one business apart from another. Thing about it, think about those two words crammed together like that-"mass" and "customized." They're contradictions, aren't they? The question of mass customization is: How can I enjoy the efficiency, affordability, and convenience of mass production, while at the same time enjoying the intimacy and total customer satisfaction of custom jobs?
Think of it! What if you could mass produce a popular doll, say, and at the same time personalize each doll to fit the needs of whoever would be playing with it. You'd have a revolution on your hands. That's what mass customization is all about. Here are some thoughts on mass customization:

1. As with anything in life, the first step in providing mass customization services is research, research, research. This isn't the sort of thing you can just implement overnight. It's a complicated process, and you're not the only one that has to be trained in it. No, you're employees, high and low, have to be trained as well. And then there's the question of what exactly you're mass producing. Dolls is one thing, machine parts another. You're going to have to become an expert in mass producing, and you're going to have to make your team experts in mass producing. But don't get overwhelmed! There's plenty of help out there for you to call upon.
2. So, if you want to provide mass customization services to your clients, you're going to need to do your homework. Start by doing simple Internet services into the definition and history of mass customizations. Try to learn where it began, the struggles it underwent, the conflicts it faced. Try to learn what new steps its taking. Find out how mass customization affects your business in particular. Are there techniques that can be applied to just any business, or does each business required a perfectly tailored approach? And so on. Research really is the key here. And, thanks to the Internet, you've got thousands of articles right at the tips of your fingers, and those articles lead to books, and so forth.
3. Talk to leaders in the field of mass customization. There are seminars going on all the time devoted to this special topic. Attend those that you can, contact the leaders in the field. You also want to begin developing a team of trusted coworkers to explore this field with you. You'll need the advice, talents, and perspectives of others, because this is one area that could make everybody a lot more successful and happy.
4. Now, the secret behind mass customization seems to be finding what one group of people prefers as opposed to another group. In other words, you're never going to be able to produce ten thousands dolls at once exactly to the specifications of ten thousand different children. But amongst children, as amongst adults, there are types-one type prefers this, another prefers that, etc. In other words, you can mass produce one item meant to appeal to different groups within one group, so that the differing groups each feel as though they've had something especially made for them.
5. These are the kinds of things that come up once you begin to research mass customization services. The more you learn, the better you'll become, and the better you become, the bigger your business will boom.

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