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How to train your staff with six sigma

Are you interested in training your staff, or even yourself, with six sigma?Six sigma is a great way to help improve the efficiency of your company's production and work!There are a couple of things that you can do to train your staff with six sigma, and you will need to decide which method of training will work best for you and your company.Here are a couple of different ways that you can train yourself and your staff with six sigma:

1) Hire a training company to help:There are many training companies which specialize in training and certifying employees with six sigma.This is a great option to do if you are not sure on how to train your employees yourself with six sigma - this way, you can have someone else do the training!For example, an online company called 6 specializes in helping to train and certify people in six sigma.They have different levels of six sigma certification that range from Green Belt to Lean Six Sigma Certification.Live and online training courses are available for people to effectively use six sigma.6 is found live in many major cities, such as New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Orlando, Austin, Dallas, Boston, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.They are even located internationally, in Canada (Toronto) and Denmark.For a complete listing of the places that they are located, and also to get more information on their course, you can visit their website.You can also look at another online company, called iSixSigma, which also has similar training programs.
You should also be aware that in training programs, the corporate and manufacturing managers will generally not receive the same type of training as other employees.For example, with the company iSixSigma, there is a specific training called Senior Management, which is for individuals who are the drivers and motivators for the overall business plan.It is often a good idea to have the Senior Management positions receive training before other employees, so that they will know what is going on when the other employees get trained.This way, you'll be able to oversee and answer employee questions in a productive manner, especially because the trainer won't be around all of the time!

In addition, there are other types of training for other specific positions within your company.The online service from ASQ (The American Society for Quality) offers another type of six sigma training for other upper-level managers.This six sigma training program is called the Champion Program.In this six sigma training program, managers who act as the person in-between the high-up management and the basic employees will receive training specific to their duties and responsibilities.It is a good idea to have these upper-level managers also trained before the bulk of your employees, so that they can help others during the training process.

2) Train the employees yourself:If you feel confident in the six sigma program, you can also train the employees within the company yourself.You can always take the Champion Program or the Senior Management course and then teach what you have learned to your employees.Motorola also offers small six minute modules online to quickly teach people about six sigma, and you might find that information enough to help you begin your six sigma training.Remember, though, probably the most effective way for training your company is by hiring competent professionals to train your employees.Six sigma is an important step to implement in your manufacturing or production business, and you will want to make sure that the employees understand everything!

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