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How to turn your manufacturing set up into custom manufacturing

If you have a business and you need to produce a product then you will need the right manufacturing system.But what if you already have a manufacturing system that is no longer working for your needs? In this situation you will need to change your system to support your manufacturing needs.For instance, you have decided to make custom products for your customers, but you do not have a custom manufacturing system. Custom manufacturing is one of the oldest manufacturing systems available.A custom manufacturing system is where a product is made specific for the customer. Let's talk about the different types of manufacturing and how you can change each type into custom manufacturing.

When turning your systems into custom manufacturing you have to think of the needs and wants of your customers.The customer will be the main reason you change your manufacturing ways. The following are some examples, and the changes you will need to make:

1. Let's say that you run a cabinet making company.Every cabinet you sell looks exactly the same and it comes off of an assembly line.In order to produce your cabinets you have chosen an intermitted manufacturing system, where your cabinets will be built in batches.You have decided to expand your business and make custom cabinets.You want to build cabinets for the customers, and do not want to have anymore plane cabinetry going out.In order to do this you will have to change your manufacturing system into a custom manufacturing system.Make sure that you have it in your budget because custom manufacturing is an expensive way to produce a product.You will want to get more customers since you are making the product for each customer individually. Get rid of equipment that you will no longer need.You will produce fewer products when running a custom manufacturing business, so you might not need mass production equipment.

2. In this example, let's say you own a company that produces t-shirts, mugs, blankets and posters.Having such a wide variety of product makes you think you want to do more with them, so you decide you want to customize the product for your customers, like putting special pictures or words on them.There are lots of changes that need to take place.You will probably need to hire more employees to make sure everything is getting made right for the customer.You will need to purchase the equipment needed to add those special pictures or thoughts to the customer's order.Make sure you have it in your budget to make all of these changes.With this company you won't have to change your customer base very much because you already have the intermitted product of the t-shirts, mugs, posters, and blankets

Those were just two different situations where custom manufacturing is needed or possible.Before you make any changes have a meeting with your research and development team.They will help you go through all the details of things that you need to change in your manufacturing system to convert it into a custom system.When you work as a team, you can analyze the pros and cons of changing your system, you can go over your budget and other things.Remember that changing your system can make or break your company. Be sure that going custom will bring you profit.Think about your customers, do you have customers that would enjoy a custom product? You might even have to think about changing your product, some things just can't be customized.

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