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How to use SIPOC to generate higher earnings

The point of any company, aside from providing customers with much-needed items, is to generate money. The question of generating money is constantly at hand, constantly on the minds of businesspeople everywhere.
Now, recently a new phenomenon called SIPOC has been tearing across the business world like a howling wind that brings prosperity wherever it goes. What SIPOC does is help you to organize your business in a way that you never thought before. SIPOC comes in and focuses on four major areas of your business, with the ultimate goal of satisfying your companies and bringing in as much money as possible.

Now, for SIPOC to really work, you're going to have to do some specific things. First, you're going to have to research. I can say that SIPOC is great, Joe down the street can sing the praises of SIPOC, and even if you trust me and Joe, you'll have to see it for yourself. You've got to take a close look at it. And a close look is more than a general one. A close look means that you're trying to exactly match the opportunities of SIPOC to the needs of your company. Let me explain.
All too often, companies will jump on a bandwagon because everyone else is. It could be the latest diet fad, the latest movie, the latest way of dressing, the latest way of clothing your hair. But when it comes to business, the costs of giving into trends can be humungous. Trends don't always work, obviously, but even those trends that do work don't work for everyone. And that is why I emphasize research. You've got to look closely at these things, think of your employees, think of the strengths and weaknesses. And then you adapt yourknowledge of SIPOC to your knowledge of your company.
If you've ever had children, you know how carefully you consider what goes into their moves, what you feed them. Why should it be any different with your company? What's good for Susie isn't definitely good for John. Get out there in research. Talk to other companies who've used SIPOC. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the movement. Be cautious.
Now, once you've done all this, you'll find that SIPOC can not only save your company a great deal of money, it can make your company a great deal of money as well. SIPOC will come in and figure out where you're wasting funds. They'll help you to narrow your target base, and help you to narrow the products you're creating. It's as if you've got a dirty house and finally the cavalry arrives.They teach you tricks of cleaning and organizing that you've never known before. They show you hot to cut your housework in half, so that you can have more free time to do the things you enjoy.
Yes, SIPOC can be very effective, Yes, SIPOC can save your company money and make your company money. But so can a lot of things. Again, I would emphasize research when discussing your company's use of SIPOC. Look ink, look close, find out, make connections, notices weaknesses, notice strengths, and find out how each of these things correspond with what you're trying to do.
And, once the research is over, convey to your employees just how important SIPOC is. This isn't somebody coming in on Sexual Harassment day to go through the old lists again. You're paying quite a bit of money for this person to be here, so that he can teach you and your company how to bloom like roses.
Let your company participate in the discussions. Listen to their ideas, even their criticisms. Work together, treat it as a time when the company is one and everyone has the right to contribute.

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