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How to use visual control to improve manufacturing

Visual control is a key component of lean manufacturing.Lean manufacturing is a way of approaching manufacturing that strives to eliminate all waste, from materials that are not used to time that is spent doing unnecessary tasks.Waste, in lean manufacturing, is defined as anything that does not add to the actual value of the product.The customer is not paying for the process of manufacturing, so any waste that goes in to the production of a production or of a service is paid for by you, the manufacturer or the provider of the service.Lean manufacturing improves your bottom line, ultimately; lean manufacturing is a way to improve your flow of production by reducing variances in the flow of production.Lean manufacturing also continually improves your production and your production processes, and also improves the experiences of your employees by reducing the waste of their time and their own efforts.

Visual control is a key component to this improvement of production through lean manufacturing.Visual control is a process that visually compares products as they move through the production process to other products to ensure that they are all the same.Visual control also works to ensure that the production processes are the same, and that there are not variances in production processes or production products.Visual controls works to eliminate variances in production processes, and strives to reduce variances in the flow of production.By doing so, visual control works to eliminate waste.By visually controlling aspects of the production process rather than testing each product for possible defects, quality is improved and less time is wasted by employees.

Another aspect of visual control pertains to the organization of the work place.In this aspect, visual control works on the micro level in order to improve efficiency and production at the macro level.By improving the organization of a particular area of the work place, wasted time and wasted efforts are reduced by improving the visual organization of the work place.For example, visual control of the work area can cut down on the search for tools.Also, visual control of the work place will help ensure that workers will not have to endanger their health by reaching too far for tools, and will also ensure that workers will not have to take unnecessary steps to reach necessary tools and machines.Visual control works on the micro level because workers in a particular work area arrange their own work places in the way that they feel is the best for them and that is the most efficient for themselves.

One of the advantages of lean manufacturing over the traditional command and control way of organizing a company or a business is that every body in the organization is involved, from the very top to the very bottom of the company's organization.Visual control requires the participation of every worker in an organization, from the managers of a particular work group who introduce kaizen principles of organization to their work group to the workers who design their own work place according to the organization that is most effective for the particular individual workers.

Visual control, both by controlling the production process properly and by organizing work areas properly, improves the production flow and eliminates waste in terms of materials that are used and time that is spent on the production process.Visual control works to continually improve the process of production and also to continually improve the quality of the products that are being produced.Visual control is a key element of lean manufacturing.

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