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How TQM is designed to keep your customers happy


If you are thinking about implementing TQM, or total quality management, into your manufacturing plant to keep your customers happy the first thing that you need to know is that TQM is a company-wide program. What this means is that your entire company is going to need to participate in the TQM processes otherwise it will not work. The reason for this is that TQM is designed to keep your customers happy by improving the quality in your manufacturing plant. The focus on improving the quality in your manufacturing plant is by looking your processes and deciding with ones need to be improved.

When looking at the processes of your company TQM is not going to focus just on, the processes that your manufacturing plant uses because to keep your customers happy everything needs to be improved that can be improved. The reason for this is that every part of your organization is involved in the overall product that is being manufactured, including human resources and janitorial, because without these areas your manufacturing plant would not run smoothly because certain aspects would be missing from your business.

The second thing that TQM is going to focus on to help keep your customers happy is the quality of the products that your manufacturing plant is producing. By improving the overall quality of the products that your business is, producing you will keep your customers happy because they will not be getting garbage, instead they will be getting high quality products.

TQM can help to improve the quality of your products because it works to eliminate waste and defects in the products you are producing which improve the overall quality. Your customers are going to want to make sure that they get what they are paying for rather than wasting their money on garbage that is not even worth anything in their eyes.

The third way that TQM can help to keep your customers happy is that it is used to ensure that the products your customers are receiving from your manufacturing [plant are meeting your customers needs, meaning they are satisfying your customers needs and wants. By ensuring that your customers are completely satisfied with what your business has to offer, you do not need to worry that they are going to go somewhere else to purchase the products that you were previously manufacturing for them.

When it comes to keeping your customers happy through implementing TQM the first customer that you think about is the customers that are purchasing your product, whether that is a retailer who is reselling your product or their customer that purchases your product to use at home. You want to keep both of these customers happy because they are the main source of income with your business. If the retail customers are not going to purchase, your product off the shelves because they do not think it is worth it than the retail store is going to quit buying the product from you. TQM is going to ensure that both of these customers are kept happy by making sure that your employees are producing the best product possible.

TQM is also going to help keep your customers happy by keeping your costs down. This is important because the lower your costs the cheaper your product will be to purchase. If you have a cheaper product that is, still considered high quality, chances are that your customers will purchase the product from you rather than from your competition. Keeping your costs down and improving, the quality of your product can go a long way towards keeping your customers happy.

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