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Ideas for your summer vacation

Everyone needs to get away sometimes.Whether it means a break from
school, work, or even just a break from the same old neighborhood day
after day, everyone needs to get away occasionally.There are so many
ways to escape the humdrum schedule of our everyday lives.There are
so many ways to go on your summer vacation.
I remember as a child my father and mother would bundle the family in
a car to go on a road trip every summer.We would travel to the coast
to camp on the beach some summers.Other times we would drive into
the mountains and go hiking and fishing.On another road trip we
traveled to all the sites on the East Coast-my father trying to
navigate the aggressive streets of New York City was a frightening
thing to behold.We always loved being together in the car, playing
road games, singing and telling jokes.A road trip is an excellent
way to enjoy a summer vacation and get away from your every day life.

What about going to Europe for your summer vacation?Just imagine
visiting the homes of all the English authors you love: William
Wordsworth, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Lord
Francis Bacon, and on and on.What about enjoying the Tuscan sun?Or
seeing the marvels of the city of love, Paris?Try exploring the tiny
winding streets and canals of Venice, or tasting the richest
chocolates in the world in Switzerland.Discover how many variations
of goat cheese the French have.Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower
in Paris, or feed the birds at St. Paul's in London, or hear the
Italian vendors cry, "cocco bello" selling ice-cold coconut on the
beaches of Italy.Whether you do any, all, or none of these things
doesn't matter-there are millions of ways to enjoy your summer
vacation in Europe.
Another idea for your summer vacation is to go to the beach.Just
imagine lying on the beach all day with your favorite book, your
favorite snake, and your favorite music.Think of all the fun you
could have with your loved ones playing games in the warm water of the
ocean.Fly a kite over the waves or build a sandcastle like you used
to as a child.Bring a barbeque and have a party.Whether it's the
West Coast or the East, you and your loved ones could not help but
love a summer vacation on the beach.
Sometimes the best way to get away is to stay at home.Try spending
your summer vacation at home with your family.Why go through the
hassle and stress of airports and hotels?Why not enjoy the comfort
and peace of spending your summer vacation in your own home.Sleep in
till noon everyday, and stay up all night!Make yourself the best
gourmet dishes or order your favorite meal-and make it a delivery.
Hold a barbeque for your favorite neighbors.Discover the delights of
a relaxing summer vacation by spending it in your own back yard!
Here's another idea for your summer vacation: visit your favorite
relatives.Sometimes you need a vacation from your relatives, but if
you live far away from those you love, or if you think it's time to
visit that cousin you haven't seen for ten years, or if you simple
want to spend quality time with your parents then choose this option
for your summer vacation.Visiting family can feel like a burden
sometimes or it can be a tender rekindling of life-long friendships.
Hear the old stories and jokes again; take a trip down memory lane
with those who were there when you were young.Spend time with those
with whom you grew up with, through the good times and the bad.The
best idea for your summer vacation can be the one that brings you
closer to your family.

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