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Improving Your Customer Satisfaction With Quality Manufacturing Means

Improving your customer satisfaction with quality manufacturing takes a deep understanding of what it is that customers want from your company, your products and your people.With the economy still in a slow recovery, people are looking for products that they can count on to work the first time, every time right out of the box.No one wants to have to deal with taking a defective product back to the store, or worse, having to send it to the manufacturer for repair – not only does this mean that he or she does not have the product to use, but that he or she is also out of his or her hard-earned money that was used to buy the defective product.

Regardless of how well the company does the repair or how well the complaint is handled, the fact that the customer had to contact customer service for something that the company did wrong will always leave a bad taste in that customer’s mouth.

Keeping consumers happy is as easy as making sure that the product works every time.It needs to do what it has been advertised to do, and if it does more than was expected, customer satisfaction will go through the roof.That is the real secret, which should not be a secret to anyone involved in any type of customer service.If anyone in the company has any questions about what a customer wants from a product, that person should think about what he or she wants from a product.

What makes a child and his or her parents happiest on Christmas – the toy that works or the toy that doesn’t work?How about the toy that breaks in the first 20 minute t an hour of use?Obviously, the toy that works makes the family happiest on Christmas and if that toy is associated with a name brand, parents are more likely to purchase a product from a company associated with a toy that made their child happy on Christmas.

Manufacturing quality products means that every product that leaves the warehouse does so in good working order.No employee should ever have to say that something is close enough for government work in order to meet a deadline.Every employee should be a valued member of the quality control team.

Unfortunately, even the best of companies can have issues with their products.No matter what quality assurance is done, things happen.It is the handling of this process that allows the company to become a hero or a goat.

The hero will step in and make everything right and add value to the product.Not only will the return and repair be made as painlessly as possible for all involved, it will be done in such a way that as to take the bitter out of the mouth of the customer who has thus far been disappointed in the company – it may cost more money than the original purchase was worth, but that is what happens when a reputation gets damaged.

The hero at the company will be the first person that the customer talks to – every customer service operator or employee needs to be empowered to make the situation not just right but magical.Going the extra mile with compassion may require a monetary outlay, or it might just mean empathizing and listening to the person while never making excuses or talking about other experiences that other customers may have had.

The goat will sit there, chew gum and say, “That’s too bad.”Some phone problems may ensure leaving the customer feeling undervalued and unappreciated and sending them to the competitor.

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