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Lean Manufacturing Definitions

Lean: Lean manufacturing is the process of analyzing the flow of information and materials in a manufacturing environment and continuously improving the process to achieve enhanced value for the customer.

Waste: Anything that uses resources, but does not add real value to the product or service.

Value Stream Mapping: A tool used to identify the current flow of material and information for a product or process, highlighting the opportunities for improvement that will most significantly improve the production system.

Cellular/Flow Manufacturing: Organizing people and machines into the most efficient combinations to maximize value while minimizing waste.

Set-up Reduction and Quick Changeover: A process used to help companies design no/low-cost solutions to reduce the time lost to changeover.

Pull/Kanban System: A visually driven method for controlling the flow of resources in a production process by replacing only what has been consumed. Production schedules are customer order-driven based on actual demand rather than forecasting.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): A method to proactively maintain machines and equipment at their peak productivity and reduce equipment downtime to zero.

5S (Sort/Straighten/Shine/Spread/ Standardize): A method used by front-line workers to organize the workplace and thereby improve workplace safety, reduce waste, simplify work processes, improve equipment maintenance and trouble-shooting, and ensure product quality.

The Eight Wastes of Lean

Overproduction: Produce only the exact amount the customer wants, when they want it.

Inventory: Make sure there's a steady flow to the customer.

Transportation: Eliminate movement of materials and information that doesn't add value to the products.

Extra processing: Do as little as required in each step to the product as possible to add the most value to it.

Motion: Eliminate unnecessary movement of people.

Waiting: Eliminate delays, long setups and unplanned downtime of machines, processes or people.

Underutilized people: Use people efficiently as possible

Defects: Strive to avoid rework

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