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Learning to make necessary changes to improve efficiency

Change has never been easy for anyone, but it is inevitable and usually necessary to progress in any and every part of life.Learning to make necessary changes to improve efficiency in your manufacturing plant will help reach the goals you have set for it.It is necessary for you to make sure that as you implement these changes, that all upper management is involved, as well as employees.This will make it easier to implement the new programs and techniques.One such program that can help your manufacturing plant in make some necessary changes is called Six Sigma.It is a method used in Lean manufacturing that utilizes data and statistical analysis to measure and improve the efficiency of a company's performance, practice and systems.The goal is to prevent defects from occurring and in essence try to create perfection in the manufacturing business.Let's take a look at how making this change can improve efficiency within your manufacturing plant.

Six sigma consists of five phases which are:
1. Define- The goal of this phase is to define the project activity goals and then identify issues that need to be addressed to achieve the next level.
2. Measure- Gathering information about the targeted process in order to obtain data performance and identify problem areas.
3. Analyze- Identifying the root cause of quality problems with the use of statistical tools.
4. Improve- Implementing creative solutions and how you can improve by making things better, cheaper and faster.Most often the identified solutions are cellular manufacturing, 5S, and total productive maintenance.
5. Control- Modifying policies, procedures and other management systems of the new and improved system.Processes are continually monitored to ensure efficiency is maintained.

Many people have said that implementing Six Sigma in your company can be either a complete failure, or a total success.It all depends on how you go about it.A good Six Sigma business strategy would be to measure how well your business processes meet the objectives you have made for them.You will then discover where the need improvements are and where to start to help your manufacturing plant be more efficient.It is important to choose the best set of measurements for your particular situation and then focus your efforts on that.Don't just think you need to use all of the measurement units associated with Six Sigma.Not only is it overwhelming, but can lead you down the wrong road; a direction you don't want to go in.Implementing Six Sigma methods well, means taking a good look at the critical areas of your business.Goals, projections, analyzing, and improving are all things you will need to do consistently if you want to see improved efficiency.

As you continue to implement these techniques in your manufacturing plant you will slowly begin to see things change for the better.As you quality and efficiency of services improves, so will the customer satisfaction.And when customer satisfaction improves so does the amount of capital coming into your company.Who doesn't like more capital?Six Sigma can help increasing the efficiency or the interaction process by placing effective systems and controls on them.This in turn also helps change the opinions, behavior and decisions of those involved with the services to the customer.And it does it with a decrease in cost and minimal effort.

No one said that learning to make necessary improvements to improve efficiency would be easy; they did say however that it might be worth it.

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