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Low cost improvement methods for your manufacturing program

There are many available low cost improvement methods for your manufacturing program. These programs can be anything from the latest philosophy to the old tried and true manufacturing programs. No matter what program you may choose you need to make sure it is a right fit for you, your employees and most of all your manufacturing plant as a whole.

There are plenty of programs available to improve your manufacturing plant. One of the most popular low cost improvement methods for your manufacturing plant is called Lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is a business model and it is also a multitude of manufacturing methods that focus on getting rid of the waste while at the same time producing quality products. This type of manufacturing program is all done at the lowest cost to you the manufacturer and also the lowest cost for the consumer.

There are many different techniques to implement a low cost improvement method for your manufacturing program. When choosing a program you need to make sure that all management is on board and then get the employees involved and excited about the new ideas your company will be implementing. To decide what improvement programs may be best for you and your company the following is a list of 5 of the most widely used methods.

Six Sigma is designed to measure and analyze the processes that are used in your manufacturing plant. Six sigma is used to reduce process variation. The basic idea of six sigma is that it allows companies to see how often defects are likely to occur in their manufacturing lines. The major goal of six sigma is to have the plant reach near perfection. This is not always easy and six sigma can take some time to see results.

5s program is just what it sounds like. There are five stages to this lean manufacturing technique. The names of the 5s stages are Sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. Each of these 5s stages are different but the same goal is in mind for each stage. The 5s program is meant to help your plant run as smoothly as possible. The 5s program is essentially a way to organize and manage shared workspace to make it more efficient.

TPM or total productive maintenance is a manufacturing program that aims to use all levels and functions in your company by maximizing the effectiveness of your production equipment. Total Productive Maintenance is different from other maintenance programs you see because TPM tries to involve all workers and employees in all the different department levels of the manufacturing plant. This includes employees from the senior management level all the way to those employees working on the maintenance plant floor. Total Productive Maintenance provides any training necessary for your employees to understand the equipment and the machines they work with on a daily basis. With the proper training on the machines your employees will have less accidents and break downs. Your employees will also be trained on maintenance prevention and how to fix the problems their machines might have. The end goal of TPMis then to eliminate all losses.

Kaizen is a lean manufacturing method that is also known as rapid improvement processes. This is considered to be the major idea or the building block of most lean production methods. The main focus of Kaizen is to eliminate waste in the given areas of the organization. In return it will improve the productivity continually. Basically this means that by applying small incremental changes over a period of any given time will result in significant improvement in your manufacturing. Your employees will work in small groups or teams to improve processes, or address specific problems. The job of these teams is to find ways to eliminate waste in their given area.

No matter which low cost program you may put into place in your manufacturing plant you will most likely see some sort of result. Some of these programs may take time to instigate and see any result. You may also need to do a big overhaul on your company to make sure that it works the way you need it to for the employees and the profit.

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