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Manufacturing outsourcing? Who does it? How do you do it

As most of you are probably already aware of outsourcing is a thing that companies can do to help them reduce their overall costs. And the thing about outsourcing is that it can be done with almost any aspect within the company. Many of you are probably familiar with the fact that more and more companies are outsourcing their customer service, such as call centers in India, but what some of you might not be aware of is that companies are now starting to outsource manufacturing as well as accounting, customer service, payroll, etc. In other words outsourcing is hiring another company to perform a specific job task for your company, but the thing that is so great about outsourcing is that it doesn't have to be outsourced in this country it can be outsourced anywhere.

While the lower cost is a huge factor in outsourcing that is not the only reason that companies outsource. Companies also outsource parts of their business because they do not have the capabilities of doing that part of business themselves, such as payroll. But yet another reason that companies outsource is because they can not meet the demand for the product by themselves and in order to keep up with the demand they need to make more of the product. But companies will also outsource their production because it is more economical for another company to do a part of the process rather than having one company do it all.

For example Company A manufactures mother boards for computers and Company B manufacturers CD-Drives for computers. Both of those companies have a great manufacturing process for what they are making but don't have all of the parts to put the computer together, this is where Company C comes in. Company C, which manufactures computers, will contract with both Company A and Company B to buy there products so that they can manufacture a whole computer to sell to the consumers. In this case outsourcing works out for the best for all of the companies involved. And another thing that is great about outsourcing is that any company can use outsourcing for their manufacturing and the good news is that there are numerous companies who are willing to pick up your manufacturing.

Here are some steps you should follow to outsource your manufacturing.

Step one:
The first thing you need to do is determine if outsourcing your manufacturing process is going to be beneficial for your company. Will outsourcing help you cut costs and raise profits, or will outsourcing help you lower the total cost of your product so more people can buy it.

Step two:
Now that you have decided that outsourcing is right for your company you are going to need to decide what you are going to want to outsource. Do you want to outsource all of your manufacturing or just parts of it? Take a look at your manufacturing process to see which way will be the best for your company.

Step three:

Now you are going to have to do some research on outsourcing. Doing this research you are going to have to see what place is the best place to outsource to. Part of this will depend on what type of product you are manufacturing. Some jobs can be outsourced locally while other jobs are best outsourced overseas.

Step four:
Now you can contact some companies that specialize in outsourcing manufacturing to other companies or you can locate the companies yourself to see what they have to offer.

Step five:
Now that you have decided on a company you are going to have to work out an agreement with that company about what you are going to outsource. In the agreement you are going to want to make the terms and conditions clear so that you both now what to expect.

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