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Manufacturing processes

manlookingatfiles32146472.jpgManufacturing is a very broad term that is used all over the marketplace to describe all kinds of businesses, but some of the most important ways a manufacturing business is classified are the processes they use while producing something.There are many different approaches that can be taken to manufacturing and various solutions work in different industries and for specific types of products.

Manufacturing processes in general are put in place so that there is a more efficient way of running the business.The most important thing to businesses in general is making something valuable to the consumer while being able to turn a profit as well.This general understanding is the basis of all manufacturing processes.The better something can be executed, the more efficient the process will be and therefore the higher the profit margin and benefit to the company will be.

One commonly heard term in the manufacturing world is lean manufacturing.The term is aimed at what it implies: trimming waste from processes and people to make the whole process of manufacturing more efficient and therefore more profitable.But lean manufacturing is more than that and is important on many other levels as well.Lean manufacturing also promotes a thought process that allows people to think about the process on a macro and micro level at the same time to see if there are ways things can be changed to make the process better overall.Lean manufacturing aims at reducing and eliminating waste through the whole process of manufacturing: from idea development to packaging and final delivery to the end consumer.Lean manufacturing often finds ways to save the company significant amounts of money on the actual production process which is one of the greatest ways to reduce overhead and increase profit.But it can also lead to a better understanding of the product should be developed and can sometimes lead to entirely new processes being developed and help revolutionize industries.The side benefit of lean manufacturing is that it often brings to light new ideas that can be used to develop new products or to improve the process even further.

While lean manufacturing is a whole overall concept of manufacturing, there are also smaller and more specific manufacturing processes.Batch process manufacturing has been around for a very long time and is used by many businesses that are smaller or require a different method than continuous processes.Batch processing is considered to be an older method of manufacturing and is used by many small business owners.A good example is a baker, who only makes enough products like bread or cookies to meet the current demands of the business.The products are made with specific measured amounts that will lead to a specific number of products produced.This makes it easy to control how many are made, but batch process manufacturing can sometimes be more expensive, especially when undertaken on a larger scale.Continuous manufacturing processes take the idea that if you feed a never ending supply of component parts and put them on to an assembly line, that you will be able to produce the exact same product indefinitely for as long as you want with the same results.Some manufacturing methods are a hybrid of the two and take a batch and then insert it into a continuous process that allows production to continue as long as batches are being made.

One type of manufacturing process that is currently getting a lot of attention is a green manufacturing scheme.There are many companies and people concerned about the environment who are developing new ways to manufacture products with minimal impact on the earth.

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