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Methods for quality control

Quality control is something that has evolved over the ages and is very important to modern manufacturing and many other processes in today's world.The concept of quality control was somewhat dubious to begin with but has evolved into something that is very important to consumers and businesses alike.Here is some more information about methods of quality control.

Quality control originally began as a kind of caveat rather than an assurance that quality was considered throughout the process.Early craftsmen began making tools for other craftsmen to use and basically said that there was no guarantee and that the buyer should beware.This was certainly a very far cry of what quality control is today and many people are grateful that manufacturing has come such a long way.

One of the reasons that quality control has become so important to our society is because civil engineers had projects that needed to meet certain specifications to pass inspections and measures were taken through the whole process to ensure that these expectations could be met.One early example is the pyramids at Giza in Egypt.The quality measures that were used are very apparent because of the way they were built.It is apparent that the skill and management of the project was very intense and yielded a product that has lasted hundreds of years.

The industrial revolution was a very important time for quality control and many people began thinking of it as a requirement and a standard part of running any kind of production rather than being a passing thought.Quality control has continued to develop over the last century and has taken great strides at times in the process.

Quality control is approached differently by every company and this can very especially depending on the product.Physical products have specific measurements and tests put in place to test the quality of a batch or randomly selected product.This assumes that the other products made also meet the same standards.Some systems have the ability to test each product individually, but this is often not the case in mass production facilities where thousands if not millions of products are made each day.

One of the most common and important methods of quality control testing is stress testing, sometimes known as failure testing.This shows a manufacturer when their product is likely to fail and what the anticipated life of the product is.Nothing is made to last forever although many products seem to last for a very long time.One of the most logical examples for many people of this concept is testing a shoe.This is done by taking the completed shoe, manufactured to specifications, and then put into a machine that flexes the shoe thousands and millions of times until it fails or there is some kind of defect detected with the sole or other part of the shoe.Using many different forms of estimation, quality testers can then certify that the product will meet some preset expectation and will pass the control.Similar processes can be used to test many other products.Vibration testing and dust testing are used to test many mechanical or electrical devices to test the strength of the circuits used and how they will hold up under extreme conditions.

Quality control is something that is mostly associated with the final product made in the manufacturing process, but is something that should be considered in all aspects of the business, regardless of what the product is.Quality control is something that can be implemented at almost every level of a business including personnel processes and anything related to back office support and the people that run the company.

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