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Postage stamps versus postage meter versus online postage which is best for you

When it comes to mailing anything for your business the good news is that with today's technology you have various choices with how you are going to pay for your postage. Currently the most popular methods that you have to choose from to pay for your postage is postage stamps, postage meters, and online postage. The thing about the various methods is that each method has its advantages and disadvantages and each method continues to evolve and improve over time. And as a business owner it is up to you to choose which method is going to be the best for your company. But that is where the problem occurs, how do you choose the method that is the best for your company.

The thing is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question because what is going to be right for your company might not be right for the next company. What this basically means is that no method is better than the other because they each have their pros and cons. So what you need to do to determine which method is right for your company is to look at the pros and cons of each method and then choose the one that best meets yours companies needs.

Here is a look at the current methods on how to pay for your postage.

Postage stamps:
The method of paying for your postage is actually the traditional method of paying for postage. One of the postage stamps advantages is that it is simple to use and it is also the cheapest form of postage. It is the cheapest form of postage because all the other forms of postage have startup costs and they also have monthly fees, both of these things are in addition to the postage you purchase. The good thing about postage stamps is that they will only cost you the price of postage, plus the time it takes you to acquire the postage and to affix it to your parcel. It is because of the time it can cost you to purchase the postage stamps that make this method a disadvantage. Many times in order to get the postage stamps you are going to have to drive to the post office and wait in line to purchase the stamps, but even if you don't have to wait in line you still have to drive to the post office to buy it. Because of this many companies decide to try alternative methods to buying postage.

Postage meter:
Postage meters are actually machines that you have to rent that will actually print your postage stamps at your place of business. The biggest problem with postage meters is that you are going to have to pay a monthly fee to use the postage meter, you are going to have to pay start up fees and you are also going to still have to pay for your postage. In addition to the postage meter you are also going to need to have a scale so that you can weigh the mail before you mail it. And another drawback is that most postage meters are going to need to be recalibrated every time the postage amount changes, which can cause you additional fees, unless you can do it yourself. But the best thing about postage meters is that you do not need to have an internet connection to use it. This type of postage is great if you do a lot of mailings on a daily basis.

Online postage:
While this method might seem like the best choice because you won't ever have to leave home to buy stamps or hassle with recalibrating your postage meter it also has a lot of other problems that go along with it. One of the problems is the start up costs that you are going to have, but the thing with start up costs is that many times companies will offer to pay these costs just so you will remain a customer with them. But the other problem with online stamps is that you are going to need a scale, printer, computer, and an internet connection. An advantage to using an online postage company is that the addresses are printed at the same time as the stamps; this is done to ensure that the correct postage is put on the piece of mail. If your company has the addresses pre-printed this can be a problem because then you will have to print the postage and addresses on stickers so that you can just throw away the addresses, which can cause you wasted time and money.

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