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Protecting your self and employees through safety policies

Protecting your self and your employees through safety policies. Safety policies are detrimental to the well being and functioning of a company. The policies not only protect the employee, but also the company, and finances there of.

So how do you set up the protection for your self and your employees with good safety policies? You need to start with knowing what dangers are likely to happen in, around and due to the type of business you are running.

You can do this by asking your self, and the managers of your business, some very important questions. You can also check with your insurance company to find out what other companies that are like yours are under more risk of than others.

Here are the questions to look at.

1. What type of business do you do? Are you doing a job that is working with tools that are more dangerous? Or, do you work with computers mostly?
2. What type of weather conditions do you and your employees work in and around? This is important because if there is danger of slips and falls etc. It would be something a policy should be made for.
3. What time frames will your employees be working?
4. Is the type of work you do, work that has a higher risk of accidents?
5. What processes are used to complete the types of products or services your company has?
6. What types of injuries have you personally seen or heard about in your business profession.

These types of questions will help to make it easier to work on your plan for safety. When you have this information, you will want to make a plan, then set policies that will help this plan be successful.

Safety needs to be taken very serious. There is not a place in business for safety to be blown off. There cannot be a time when employees and managers are slacking off. This will result in accident and injury. This result will not only cost the company, but can also cost the employee time, money and pain and suffering. It could also hurt your customers, which can be a real problem also.

Your safety plan and policies needs to be posted in several different locations. You can do this in a safety manual, a company handbook, or even in posted memos, or documents you have your employees sign.

The key is making sure there are proper expectations of what is considered unsafe behaviors. Then being prepared to handle the employees if the policies are not adhered to.

This is one of the toughest parts of managing a business. As owners and managers it can be easy to see safety issues, but it is hard to follow through if there are issues.

Also, the reporting of unsafe situations really needs to be reported as quickly as possible. However, if it can not be immediately then there needs to be a time limit that the issues should be reported. Whether it is 12 hours, 24 hours or whatever the company sees fit.

There are many areas of work safety to consider in your plan and policies. Keep it open for changes though, in case you find a situation that arises which you were not aware of before. However overall this is how to protect your self and employees through safety policies. This type of practice will help the overall success of the company.

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