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QRM stands for Quick Response Manufacturing.The world of manufacturing is ever changing.There are new demands placed on manufacturers by customers every day.With these new demands are new possibilities for options to improve your place in the market.QRM is a method designed to help business owners respond to the need of their customers quickly, even more quickly than their competitors.Quick response manufacturing is a companywide strategy that aims to cut lead times in all phases of not only manufacturing, but in office operations as well. When followed, QRM principles can bring your products to market more quickly and secure your business prospects by helping you compete in a rapidly changing manufacturing arena.The natural benefits of QRM are that you can experience an increase in your profits while also benefiting from a decrease in the time that is wasted in the manufacturing process.Other benefits of QRM include cutting inventory and increasing return on investment.

QRM is referred to as an Operations strategy, meaning that it deals more with the operations of the plant and rather than a managerial tactic or other form of management.QRM is primarily designed and focused on the four major items which are really the key to success.The first item is cost.The objective of QRM is to be the low cost producer.The second item is quality.Quality is further divided into two categories of product and process quality.Speed of delivery is the third major item of QRM.Speed of delivery is defined as the time between receiving customers order and filling it.The last item that is the key to QRM success is flexibility.Quick response manufacturing must have the ability to offer the same product to a diversified audience.

Clearly there are a good number of benefits to be had through the QRM strategies.Quick response manufacturing strategies may be especially beneficial to your business if you are in a situation where your customers are demanding a faster response time when it comes to receiving their orders or there is a need for a high degree of customization.Although methods like just in time manufacturing can be effective there are time when JIT manufacturing is simply not the right choice for an environment that experiences a great variety of change in low-volume quantities.QRM may also be the right choice for you if you are in a situation where your shop floor has become very efficient, but it takes too long to get out a quote or process an order or if your response time is satisfactory, but your supplier is slowing down your process.If any of the above mentioned scenarios have you thinking about your own operations, it may be time for you to take another look at the benefits of QRM.

In conclusion, QRM can allow your organization to reduce lead times, decrease manufacturing costs, increase market share, fill custom orders faster, boost product quality, introduce new products quickly, eliminate waste and inefficiency, and ultimately secure your future in the manufacturing arena.The key to QRM is in the application.As there is no one set of guidelines, implementation of QRM needs to be well thought out and possibly even contracted to those who have skills in training employees within the company to take on the responsibility of being QRM leaders.Just as with any lean manufacturing initiative, a custom approach is the best one.Remember that personalizing your QRM techniques to custom fit the needs of your organization is what will end up giving you the most benefit from these positive changes in the long run.

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