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Quality control and waste reduction

Many people are concerned about quality control and it is very important throughout the whole manufacturing process.But quality control is important from the very first step all the way through deliver of the product and even after.Quality control implies quality of the product but is also important in other aspects of the process.Here is some more information about quality control and waste reduction in manufacturing.

Manufacturing is just as much about quality of thought, processes and labor as it is about quality of the final product.Quality control begins with the idea process and it is important that everyone involved try to make the process as efficient and effective as possible.Ideas are very important, but it is equally important to make sure only the best ones actually make it to production.Quality control, sometimes called quality assurance, covers all aspects of the process including design, development, production, delivery, installation and even service.In this broad, overarching sense, quality control is perhaps the most important activity for any company to engage in.

A few specific types of quality control include failure testing and statistical control.Failure testing sounds very simple and the idea is that a product is tested and put through trials until it no longer functions properly.This is especially important with things that are intended to function for very long periods of time like machinery or other production related items.This method is sometimes called stress testing.One great example of this method of quality control is when a shoe company takes their product and puts it in a machine that simulates the bending movement associated with walking to see how long the soles of the shoe will last.This is very important for quality control in general and can point out if there are any weaknesses that could cause the company to incur liability or other expenses related to their product.Statistical control includes other measures to increase efficiency and often implements the ideas of Six Sigma in the whole enterprise and not just the factory.

Waste reduction is another very important concept in the world of manufacturing.The basic theory of quality control states that the less you waste or spill from the cup, the more you have to use or drink later on.Profits are what make a business run and continue production and many companies are concerned with making more profits by cutting expenses.While this is only one aspect of cutting costs, it is a very important one and can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Many people associate lean manufacturing with waste reduction.Lean manufacturing requires cutting out time, labor and wasted materials at every step in the process of manufacturing.Companies can implement this idea into their factory and business to varying degrees, but the idea remains fundamentally the same.Waste less, keep more.Efficiency will make a company more profitable in almost all cases and the few exceptions are probably not in the manufacture of material products, but rather services.

Quality control and waste reduction are mostly associated with the process of actually production but can be applied across all areas of the business.If something doesn't need to be done, then it shouldn't be and could actually cut into the bottom line, which in many cases is the most important thing to a business.Even companies that are very benevolent should consider the necessity of quality control and waste reduction.Every business in the world can benefit from implementing these ideas to some degree in their organization and more than just the quality of the products and services they offer will be improved.

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