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Safety regulations you need to focus on in the workplace

chair30393486.JPGThere are several industries where a number of workplace accidents commonly happen. Are you part of one of those industries? What can you do to ensure the safety of your employees? Here are the 4 industries that are prone to workplace accidents:

  1. Service Industry
  2. Construction and building industry
  3. Retail stores
  4. Manufacturing industry
Even if you operate a company that isn't part of these industries, you still run a great risk of having workplace accidents and mishaps that lead to expensive problems for your company.Every company needs to have a safety regulation program and you must be able to follow these guidelines in order to make sure you are doing everything possible to make your company safe.

Here are some job hazards your staff may run into and what you can do in order to keep them safe and protected.

Site Hazards
Every company will have some type of site hazards to worry about. You may have machinery and other things that can get in the way and will cause your employees to work differently around them, leading to problems and hazards. Most of the on-the-job hazards can actually be avoided if you will just take the time to follow these safety regulations you have laid out ahead of time. Look for floor obstructions that lead to safety hazards like wet floors, carpet waving, etc. As you focus on fixing all of the preventable safety hazards, you and your staff will be safe and you won't need to pay for expensive medical bills and other things. Walk around your building to see what type of things you can change that will make your building safer. Checking on the cords and wires can prevent electrical fires and it also prevents trips and falls. Have a "safety inspector" come in and check out your company monthly to ensure you are staying safe.

Behavioral Hazards
A number of employees are injured at manufacturing plants because they aren't performing safe behavior. If you are bending over and doing other things that are not recommended, you can easily injure yourself. Employers need to implement behavior based safety programs that will allow you to retrain your employees on how to stay safe and practice safe working behavior.Retraining your employees to change their mindset can take time and a lot of hard work on your part. Just make sure you are sticking to your guns and that you are correcting employees if they aren't practicing safe behavior.

Health Hazards
A big problem may lie with contagious illnesses in your office. Ever notice how one person that gets sick will spread the germ to the entire building? You need to have plenty of regulations about workplace illnesses and try to prevent them as much as possible so you don't lose your entire workforce to the flu bug.The other problem with employees that are sick is that their co-workers are forced to pick up their slack and this leads to de-motivation on the rest of the employee's part. When you have unhappy employees, you have unproductive employees as well. Make sure your employees know they need to stay home if they are sick and that they need to avoid coming back to work if they are ill. Set up remote desktop and other things where employees can still contribute when they are sick and at home. Other things you can do include implementing hand-washing procedures. You also need to make the employees clean and sterilize their work areas weekly and use disinfecting wipes on doorknobs and other things so the diseases will not be spread.

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