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Implementing 5 "S" manufacturing into other companies

buisnessmeeting26238539.jpgHave you been struggling to reduce errors and improve the overall efficiency of your company? Many companies turn to a manufacturing method known as the 5 S method. The 5 S method is very easy to implement and it can do wonders for your business even if you aren't producing products or services to be sold. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to properly implement the 5 S method:

Step # 1 - Sort
The first step to take is the step known as sort. This method helps you to use a red tag method that will get rid of all the different processes or things that you don't need. You want to remove them as they just take up time and space for the company and they aren't providing to the overall success of your company.For example, take a look at your employee's workstations, are they needing to get up and walk over to different areas in order to acquire the things they need to do their job? Do they have messy work areas that make it difficult to perform their work responsibilities? Taking a look at what you need to do in order to make the overall company run better is a great way to save money and to increase the efficiency of your employees. Sorting will free up space that you absolutely need in order to de-clutter the office and have everyone do their jobs well.

Step # 2 - Set in Order
Another important aspect of the 5 S method is set in order. During this step you will make sure that you have a workplace for your employees that allows them to be productive. You want to try and make things convenient for them to find so they can perform their job duties well. Making the necessary items at a reachable distance will help your employees to perform their jobs better and it allows you to have extra space since things are cluttered and jammed into corners. Set in order is a great skill to implement in the office and in your personal life as well.

Step # 3 - Shine

Once you have the workplace clean, what are you doing to make sure it stays clean? The third step, shine, is vital to the 5 S method. It teaches the staff the importance of cleaning the machinery and equipment and it can have a huge impact on the way the office is run. You need to try and keep things clean as it will helpyour employees work effectively and it leads to a productive office.Shine also helps the equipment to last longer as you aren't neglecting it and allowing it to get cluttered or greased up.

Step # 4 - Standardize
Once you implement a method, what are you doing to make sure it works? Always focus on making your new process a standard procedure. This way it allows for large chain orders and other things to flow easily.Using a standardize method is important for companies that are looking to expand like retail stores and even smaller chains like fast-food restaurants. Everything needs to flow the same with each location to match your reputation and to turn out the same product.

Step # 5 - Sustain
Your final step is known as sustain. This step is the hardest as it comes down to your management and implementation skills. Once the 5 S method has been introduced, you need to make every effort in order to ensure that it will continue to run properly and that the employees won't fall back into old habits.

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