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Seminars and training for safety, how important is it really?

Safety in the work place should be one of the top priorities that manufacturing plants have.With so many different pieces of machinery, there are numerous ways for accidents to happen.There are many reasons for needing seminars and training for safety.The following list gives examples of types of injuries that can occur in specific manufacturing plants.

Cement Manufacturing Industry.The main causes of injury were:
- Handling, lifting or carrying heavy objects
- Slipped, or fell on the same level
- Employee was hit by a moving object

Plastic Manufacturing Industry.The main causes of injury were:
- Handling the product itself
- Falling or slipping
- Machine related
- Hit by something/ knife cuts

Stonemasonry Manufacturing Industry.The main causes for injury were:
- Hand arm vibration
- Silicosis
- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
- Movement of large slabs of stone

This list does not even cover half of the other manufacturing plants that produce large amounts of their product and place employees at risk daily.In order for an employee to feel safe, it should be required to go through safety training before they are allowed to handle any type of equipment within the manufacturing plant.Here are some tips to help keep your employees informed and aware of safety protocol and procedures.

1. Be sure to hold safety procedure employee meetings monthly.This way new employees hear what they should be hearing, and veteran employees get a good review and remember the steps they should be taking in order to maintain a safe work place.The employees have as much of a responsibility to job safety as the employers.Make sure that all your employees practice standard operating procedures and are familiar with OSHA safety requirements.Make sure everyone knows what the emergency evacuation procedures are and the location of emergency equipment in the factory.
2. Make sure that your senior management is also aware of safety procedures and is backing you up.Nothing is worse than trying to implement safety procedures when your boss is not backing you up.Go over things with them first to make sure you have everything covered.
3. Offer incentives or rewards for those who are following the safety procedures in your manufacturing plant.Although it would be nice for all employees to just follow all the safety procedures it usually does not happen.Give them a reason to know exactly how machinery operates and where to find the emergency supplies.Make them responsible for their own actions, and in return reward them for that behavior.

In many manufacturing plants hearing loss is very common.This usually happens as a result of some sort of safety breech, whether it is the employer or the employees fault.As an employer make sure that you are conducting noise level survey's frequently, and as an employee make sure you are taking the necessary steps to prevent hearing loss.

Crush Hazards are also among a high percentage in manufacturing industries.Trainings and seminars can make you more aware of how to operate heavy pieces of machinery; what type of clothing to wear when operating machinery; and ways to concentrate on what you are doing so accidents do not happen.

As employees and employers we should all be involved in trainings and seminars offered by the company to improve safety working conditions.Accidents are bound to happen, that's just the nature of things sometimes.We can however cut down on how many accidents happen in manufacturing by understanding and implementing all of the safety procedures outlined in your manufacturing plant.

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