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Six sigma black belt

The six sigma methodology cannot be implemented without a number of people playing their own specific roles within the implementation process.When it comes to the implementation roles of six sigma, most lean experts would agree that an individual taking on the black belt role should be included in the implementation team.There are several specific six sigma roles and responsibilities have been given conventional martial arts names.The roles for implementation cause a project team to make changes that create a more professionally trained quality management team.Within six sigma, the individuals with the titles of leaders and champions usually have received the highest level of technical training.While those who are trained in a "belt" level will usually continue working their assigned jobs while their training is taking place (a lesser time commitment).Black belts are typically the employees who have had the most training in the six sigma implementation process without necessarily having been hired because of their six sigma implementation expertise.For this reason, many businesses who wish to implement six sigma on a smaller scale have a black belt as their highest ranking implementation official.Depending on the scope of the implementation, the role of the six sigma black belt will change.If this individual is the most experienced of all the six sigma leaders, chances are that he will assume some of the responsibilities that are reserved for implementation roles of executive leadership, champions and master black belts.For this reason, these implementation roles, as well as the implementation role of black belt, are explained in greater detail below.

Executive leadership and Champions

Those assuming the role of executive leadership are typically the top level executives, but they could also be those individuals who are primarily responsible for seeing the implementation of six sigma through from start to finish.Executive leaders are responsible for selecting the six sigma implementation team as well as leading that team and acting as the moderator for new ideas.Champions are responsible for the actual implementation of six sigma in the organization.The Champion must act as a mentor and facilitator.Champions are responsible for bringing the most pressing issues of the organization to light and also to generate ideas for projects that will lead to the improvement of these concerns.Champions also act as mentors to Black Belts, the next roles that are assumed in the six sigma implementation process.

Master Black Belts

Master Black Belts have the responsibility of coaching others within the six sigma implementation group.The Master Black Belts are responsible for delivering the results of the projects that are being conducted.The Master Black Belt tends to deal more with individuals who may not be as familiar with six sigma implementation roles and therefore he must have strong leadership skills and be well liked or well respected.Master Black Belts are entrusted with the responsibility to not only maintain the momentum of a six sigma implementation, but also to keep costs down and maintain the focus of the group's efforts on the customer throughout the entire implementation process.As was mentioned briefly before, a Master Black Belt position is typically a temporary position that is needed from time to time as new projects present themselves.

Black Belts

Black Belts are typically members of middle management.The primary role of a six sigma black belt is to execute the six sigma plan of action on the actual plant floor.Black Belts are typically more technically oriented than other roles within the implementation process.Their job is to create, facilitate, train, and lead teams, with an analytical approach.A Black Belt will typically have about 4-5 weeks of professional full-time training in statistical methods and tools before assuming his role in the implementation process.The role of a Black Belt differs from the roles of Master Black Belts and Champions because they are more involved with the projects and functions of six sigma.

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