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Six sigma employment resources for employees and employers

womenboxingman28724766.jpg This article will discuss where you can find six sigma black belts to hire, and also what you will want to look for when you are hiring a six sigma black belt.

To be honest, it isn't too terribly difficult to find a six sigma black belt to hire.Your best option to find one is to advertise that you are looking specifically for a six sigma black belt when you post your job listing.However, there are a few other options that you can do.First, you can post your job listing in specific sites that will probably be visited by six sigma black belts.Try way to find a six sigma black belt to hire is to contact local universities, and ask about black belts who have recently been trained.Universities are eager to help their students and their graduates find job placements, so they will most likely be willing to give you a list of recent trainees.You can also use this tactic when you are looking to hire a six sigma black belt with local community colleges, or you can contact any online training course, like Kaplan, and ask them to list your job or give you contact information for any of their recent trainees.

When people start answering your job listing, how do you choose from all of the six sigma black belts who apply for the job?Well, first of all, ask about their training program.There are certification programs, and then there are certification programs.Some training programs just let people out with a black belt certificate after they sit in class for four weeks.You want a black belt who has had intensive training, and who has also applied six sigma tools and techniques to real life situations and projects.Here are some other qualities that you will want to look for when you are hiring a six sigma black belt, in no particular order of importance.

  1. Self-motivated and passionate.All six sigma black belts need to be extremely self-motivated.You don't want a passive six sigma black belt.Is their personality positive and agreeable?The black belt will be cheering people on and getting them to work hard and take responsibility-does the candidate have this type of personality?Will they falter when a project runs into some rough spots?
  2. Able to initiate and handle change.A six sigma black belt is going to have to be one of the main proponents for change within your company.If a process is faulty, it has to be changed, and you don't want a black belt who is afraid of challenging the status quo.However, you don't want to hire someone who just questions and questions and attacks and upsets people.A black belt has to be able to challenge the status quo and invoke change in a positive manner, rounding up support for changes while she or he works to revise processes and business strategies.
  3. Fights for the customer.A six sigma black belt is working to change processes so that they are better able to provide what the customer wants.Customers are both internal and external, and the black belt needs to be able to identify customer wants and needs, and will do about anything to meet those wants and needs.Any black belt candidate needs to be able to communicate that the customer is always the end recipient of a process, and that processes must be changed to suit the customer.
  4. A great communicator.A black belt will be managing green belts, will be working for the customer, will be a coach, and will also be a mentor.The black belt candidate should be comfortable working with and talking to all kinds of people-senior management, warehouse workers, engineers, customer relations people, accounting, and more.This means that the black belt candidate needs to be able to understand the needs of all of these different people and will be able to translate those needs into action.
  5. Good at business.
  6. Can understand technology.
  7. Is a team player.
  8. Understands business.
  9. Result oriented.
  10. Fun and easy to be around.
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