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Six sigma software options

Six Sigma is often used as a refinement mechanism that helps organizations streamline their exiting processes. There are many consulting firms that offer software to enhance the Six Sigma process. The toolkits are useful for developing customer requirements and help chart customer satisfaction. Six Sigma applications help reach beyond the improvement of existing and current processes and products. The software applications utilize tools for customer requirements, risk analysis, design, decision-making, and inventive problem solving.

Excel-Based Solutions
Many companies are looking for software options that are lower in cost to perform the data analysis. Pricing for Excel-Based solutions can run anywhere from $195 dollars on up.

Web-Based Software
Companies are starting to convert a lot of their software solutions to web-based applications. Web-Based software allows for quicker entry and can be viewed on any computer instead of being installed on one computer or at one site.

Desk Top Applications
Typically desktop applications are sold with consulting services. One Firm, Breakthrough Management Group, sells 4 different types of software; The Wizard, PowerProjX, The eHandbook, and RapAnalyst. All programs track the progress and the Six Sigma process. You can find many desktop applications for Six Sigma, it just depends on how good of quality you want. They can be found for as little as $50 on up.

Enterprise Solutions
StatSoft specializes in enterprise solutions to allow multiple users to collaborate data. They have reported over the years from their clients the following about their enterprise solution:
- Ease of use: Regardless of the power of an analytics platform, if it is not intuitive, the vast majority of users within an organization will not adopt it.
- Integration with Data Repositories: Access to data often involves a time-consuming collaboration between the individuals who know the definition of the data they need and those individuals who understand the data repository and the approach to extracting the required data set.
- Collaboration: Activities within an organization are rarely a single individual operating in isolation. Instead, these activities are programs that require collaboration among many individuals.
Many companies like StatSoft not only provide the consulting services, but come to your offices and train your company on how to use the software and what are the best results you can expect in using the software with your Six Sigma process.

Companies with Results
Six Sigma focuses on an error or defect rate of 3.4 parts per million. Finding software that helps enable companies to track this ratio is also as challenging as the goal. Many companies have outsourced Six Sigma to consulting firms and typically purchase their software along with the process. In the 1980s large manufacturing firms such as Motorola, General Electric, and Allied Signal starting using Six Sigma to collect data, improve quality, lower costs, and eliminate defects in processes and products.

Maintaining customer satisfaction and business profitability is essential to running a successful Six Sigma process. Northrop Grumman Mission Systems reported that all of their engineers and managers attended a 2 week training course. After a 6 month process they were able to move their company from a Maturity Level 3 to a 5. They believe Six Sigma and the processes involved are a direct factor in listening to the voice of the customer.
Where do start?
After you have done careful research on which type of software you want to use with your Six Sigma process, you need to find who sells the best one. Referrals from other companies who have used a consulting firm and their software are always a great place to start. The internet search engines can provide you with numerous companies you can contact and most will provide you will a trial period of their software.

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