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Six Sigma versus seven step quality manufacturing


There are so many different things that go into quality manufacturing. One of the things that are looked at when deciding how good a product is is by the quality of manufacturing. The quality of manufacturing can be determined a couple different ways. Two ways that quality manufacturing can be determined is by Six Sigma and seven step quality manufacturing.

Six Sigma and Seven step quality manufacturing have a different way of rating the quality of manufacturing. Because of the different rating systems different companies like to use one over the other depending on what they are manufacturing and how they are manufacturing it. Here is information about Six Sigma versus seven step quality manufacturing then it is up to you where you want to go with Six Sigma or Seven step quality manufacturing.

Six Sigma is defined in the Business Dictionary as the Greek letter used to denote standard deviation or the measure of variation from the mean (or in production terms it is used to imply a defect). Six Sigma can statistical measure of quality that can detect a 3.4 defects per million. Because Six Sigma can detect the littlest of defects it is a great tool that can improve business strategies. Six Sigma is a way that helps businesses find different improvement solutions that have been looked over in the past.

Six Sigma is also flexible and dynamic so a company can continue to improve their tactics even after Six sigma is in place. Six Sigma is also a system that can be shaped for different companies depending on the companies needs. The Six Sigma is not a one fits all type of system. Six Sigma is a process that does not have an exact outcome but discovers the unknown solutions.

The seven step quality manufacturing is a process that has oddly enough seven steps (hence the name). This is an example of one companies seven step quality manufacturing. Each company will be a little different but they should all have the same thing in mind making sure that the manufacturing has the best quality.

The first step in the seven step quality manufacturing is plan a strategy. Planning a strategy should include what the companies needs are and how the companies success will be measured. Different companies will have different needs do to the fact that different manufactures produce and distribute different products.

The second step in seven step quality manufacturing is to consolidate. A company can manage their assets while keeping organized. They can control revisions and reuse designs for manufacturing so that they can use less funds to create whole new designs.

The third step in seven step quality manufacturing is collaborating internally. This is the a process where the latest design revisions are accessible which will help employees make sure that they are working on the rightdesign which will insure manufacturing quality and reduce scrap.

The fourth step in seven step quality manufacturing is automate change management. This is critical to control high quality products.

The fifth step in seven step quality manufacturing is automate bill of materials. This is a way to reduce data entry time.

The sixth step to seven step quality manufacturing is link engineering to its manufacturing data. This is a way that information is linked to engineering specifications.

The seventh step in seven step quality manufacturing is to collaborate externally. This is a way to have the company communicate electronically with suppliers and customers.

Depending on what the company's needs are will depend on whether the company will want to use Six Sigma or seven step quality manufacturing. A good way to determine which process is the better of the two is to do a comparison between Six Sigma versus seven step quality.

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