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Software products that help you implement six sigma methodology

manatcomputer16486602.jpg This article will help you find which six sigma quality tracking software is available, where you can purchase that six sigma quality tracking software, and how it can help you and your business achieve your six sigma goals.

Six sigma is a quality improvement and control methodology that was developed by Motorola in the 1980s in an effort to improve customer satisfaction with products and processes, and thus increase profitability for the business itself.Since the 1980s, Six Sigma has grown into an incredibly popular and an incredibly publicized quality control approach.If you just google six sigma, you will find thousands of hits for six sigma certification, six sigma training, six sigma information, and more.Six sigma is not just a one time fix approach to quality management and improvement.Instead, six sigma is a completely different way to do business, and requires a complete conversion of your business' culture.There are a number of ways that you can convert your processes and your business to six sigma.You can bring in outside training, which chances are you've already done.You have to hire green belts, black belts, and master black belts.And it doesn't hurt at all to have software installed on your company's computers that is specifically designed to help track the quality of your processes based on a six sigma approach to quality.

So let's go through just a few of the options that are available to you in terms of six sigma quality tracking software.One of the software options is Minitab.Minitab offers software specifically designed for statistical analysis of the data collected from your processes.When you combine Statistical Software with Quality Companion and Quality Trainer, all from Minitab, then you essentially have an entire software package to help you track and analyze quality through a six sigma approach.

Another software option is SigmaXL V.5 Excel Add-In.SigmaXL V.5 is an extremely powerful program that you add into your Excel program.SigmaXL V.5 will help you analyze data both through statistical and through graphical analysis.This add-in also includes Six Sigma templates, along with Six Sigma calculators.SigmaXL V.5 is a cost-effective software option that is a great tool for both green belts and black belts.SigmaXL V.5 is also extensively used in Six Sigma training.

Crystal Ball is a six sigma quality tracking software program that is based through Excel.Crystal Ball is a simulation software program that helps you model the effects of variation in your already existing processes, or any processes that you are working on for future implementation.Crystal Ball is also a great help in coming up with different process designs, and can help you optimize your resources.Crystal Ball is also great in helping you find and then manage the risks in your proposed projects and products.

If you prefer web-based six sigma quality tracking programs, then you should check out 6Sigma at offers a number of different tools and resources based online that will help you manage the quality of your processes.There are a number of different software corporations that have developed tools to help you with quality tracking, such as Acorn Systems, which has developed Activity Based Costing.This software package is designed to help you optimize your profits and your performance.The ABC package also helps you manage your costs.allClear is specifically designed for charting process flow, and also includes a modeling and simulation package.Finally, if you are interested in using software to come up with a Six Sigma scorecard, then try Measurement Technology for Enterprise Systems.For more listings of six sigma quality tracking software, look at

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