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Software programs that will help your manufacturing

To stay ahead of the times, or simply abreast of the times, rather than wallow pitifully behind them like a sluggardly or wounded person, the truly ambitions and farseeing manufacturer will take every advantage that they can from the computer. It's all too easy to think of the computer as something for playing games and writing emails on, as a useful device for accomplishing a million minor tasks, rather than as a useful device for accomplishing a million minor and major tasks without missing a step. Computer software programs designed for the improvement of manufacturing are crucial, therefore, to every manager that wants to keep up with or stay ahead of the pack.

Let's look at one such manufacturer software program in a little more detail. Rather, let's look at one producer of such manufacturing software, Microsoft. Whatever its faults and shortcomings, Microsoft has proven itself a devoted helpmeet to the serious manufacturer, and almost a fanatic for the art of manufacturing, you could say.

Microsoft's manufacturing software programs fall under the general title of Peak Performance. When exploring Peak Performance, one instantly notices its devotion to the whole complex of manufacturing, rather than at this or that aspect. But not in a merely general way; that is, in looking at the whole complex of manufacturing, Microsoft's Peak Performance isn't satisfied with, as it were, taking a photograph of something complicated, wherein each part is visible but the same size; rather, Microsoft's Peak Performance is like a photograph where you can get the whole view and as it were zoom in on this or that part.

To take the analogy further, imagine that not only can you zoom in on a particular part, but look at its particular parts as well. This would give the viewer an understanding and expertise of and in what was before them to match anyone's in the world. That, in a nutshell, is Microsoft's aim regarding its manufacturing software programs: the ability to see one's manufacturing endeavor as a whole, in part, and in subpart, in vivid color and detail, so that one can (with work and dedication, of course!) obtain a sort of omniscience-can guide the ship above and below deck at the same time, because one can see above and below deck at the same time.

For many years, Microsoft was devoted the to the operational aspect of manufacturing, and provided excellent programs for that aspect, while leaving other aspects of manufacturing unexplored. Peak Performance can be seen as a sort of massive expansion of Microsoft's endeavors and interests. Peak Performance (though keeping its finger, of course, firmly on the pulse of operational performance) was designed (with the help of a huge host of leading manufacturing firms) to assist the manufacturer in manufacturing's multiple and seemingly ever-expanding responsibilities. Manufacturing software programs that don't have this ultimate aim aren't worth the time it takes to read an internet article about them Now, along with operational matters, Microsoft has put all its colossal resources behind, for example, the development of new products, customer relations, and sales-the entire family photograph, including weird, reclusive cousins and all the family's families' pets.

Perhaps most importantly, Peak Performance is designed to give the manufacture a view globally-a view of that chain of supply and demand that links the entire world together as one entity. The extreme desirability of such a view-or, rather, of manufacturing software programs being able to provide such a view-will be immediately obvious to any manufacture, of any product, of any place. Today, if you're manufacturing just a T-shirt-just a single, specific T-shirt, say, a red one depicting a dead revolutionary or someone-you'll want to be as close to China as you are to Idaho, as close to France as you are to some tiny but T-shirt loving isle of the sea.Microsoft's Peak Performance software is manufacturing software designed to bring the entire world into your office and the offices of everyone working with, for, or above you.

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