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Spanish language training for management


Today's businesses employ many multinational individuals whose technical and scientific expertise is crucial for success in the global marketplace. The majority of these individuals are of Hispanic descent and Spanish is their primary language.The challenge these employees often face is in their inability to communicate clearly and confidently in English.This prevents them from being able to present themselves and their ideas effectively. Often they have difficulty expressing ideas in clear and technically correct sentences.They can get frustrated, depressed, and sometimes even panicky.They have a great desire to find a way to more fully participate in the workplace and to understand and be understood by management, their colleagues, and clients. When this is accomplished, these individuals are able to leverage their knowledge and skills as credible, contributing, promotable members of the team and organization.

The challenge that employers face is that they are often forced to slow down the pace of production to accommodate those that are not "getting it".They have a hard time promoting people through the ranks that cannot produce even though their knowledge base is phenomenal.This is a problem because companies often like to promote from within.It is more cost effective and reliable than going outside to hire.

Imagine being in a management position what a portion of your employees are Hispanic and speak little to no English.You have employed at your workplace a few bilingual employees as well that often interpret for you as you go about your managerial duties.You have found however that on many occasions these employees have not been available to you when important information needed to be transmitted in a timely manner.Given the challenge of communicating in this way, you are faced with two options.The first would be to provide a language training course of English as a Second Language for all those employees that are experiencing difficulty communicating in English.The second option would be for you as a manager to take a language training course in Spanish.

You will have to consider the time involved with each option as well as the costs.English-language programs can be time-consuming and expensive.This is especially true when it comes to industries where employee turnover rates are high.In this case, an easier and less costly solution is to help managers learn Spanish.

Interest in learning Spanish is definitely on the rise as the general population becomes more and more Hispanic.Many businesses are starting to see the value of Spanish instruction in the workplace.There is a need to advance the work force by teaching English, but when managers can communicate in Spanish, it expresses that they care enough about their employees to try to want to understand their culture and language.This can greatly contribute to the morale in the workplace.Some would say "it's easier to change a few people than it is to change a lot" although in some cases that may mean it would be easier to teach the Hispanic population English rather than the other way around.

Whether you offer English or Spanish instruction, you will need to determine how you are going to break down the language barriers in order to be reduce the tension, misunderstandings, and frustrations that often accompany them.

In summary, our society is very multinational. We find English speakers and Spanish speakers alike in the same workplaces and oftentimes they find communication difficult.This can result in poor production, insecure employees, and low satisfaction overall.In order to bridge the communication gaps, employers and managers are needing to look at all their options, including that training their managers to speak the Spanish language.

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