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Steps To Creating Kaizen Events

Creating the right type of Kaizen events within your manufacturing plant can be highly beneficial to giving you increased productivity along with improving the organization overall. Typically when you get involved with Kaizen events you will be able to see rapid improvements within the company in a very short time frame.

When dealing with Kaizen events it helps to try and narrow down specific events so you aren't just improving one little aspect of the system but the entire system as a whole. As you use Kaizen events you will notice that there are several types of methods you can use in developing a stronger system. A lot of companies will rely on Value Stream Mapping as it is an effective way to help you create events as you actually end up identifying all of the different opportunities for the company. Value stream mapping is one of the things that you do need to work on designing the flow of your manufacturing plant correctly to see how it brings about the finished products to your customers.

Once you set up value stream mapping properly and you understand how to focus on improving your company you then want to follow the right steps in order to create Kaizen events. Here are some steps to follow in order to help you create the right Kaizen events:
1. Choose an appropriate area to focus on. Using value stream mapping you will be able to identify a number of areas that need to be addressed. When you are choosing an area to test you want to select an area that will have a higher chance of being successful. This motivates the employees more and gives you a chance to see that it can work in other areas of the company as well.
2. Select employees that are positive and "sold" on Kaizen. You need to have inspirational employees become part of the Kaizen events. They are going to show their co-workers what Kaizen is about and will be able to inspire them to also follow along with Kaizen. You need to really look at the people that you can work with for Kaizen and to select individuals that are in a position to inspire others with their ways. Create a Kaizen Team if you will and choose people that are in all different aspects of the company to help you in building motivation among the staff.
3. Use the right tools. When you do finally implement Kaizen events to a specific area you want to look into the tools that you can use. It is a smart decision to get all the tools you need ready ahead of time so you aren't forced to stop and go back. Once you start on the road to Kaizen you want to keep on this road to help your employees see how successful it can be. They will only become more skeptical of the program if you do not have a continuous flow of products and events working in an efficient manner.
4. As you do implement the Kaizen event you need to focus a lot of your efforts on training. You have to be able to show your employees that you care about the program but that you want them to be well-equipped with the right information. As they are able to see that you can provide them with all the training and you aren't leaving them empty-handed it will be easier for them to get on board with Kaizen.
5. Lastly you need to ask for feedback. You will get it in the form of data but you also need it from your employees. Make them feel involved and that their opinion does matter in helping you to create a stronger organization.

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