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Ten reasons six sigma is a great option for manufacturing

For those of who are unfamiliar with the term Six Sigma let's take a minute to find out what it is. Six Sigma is a method or a set of techniques and in the business world it has become a movement that is focused on business process improvement. Six Sigma is a quality measurement and improvement program that is designed to focus on improving the capability of a company's business processes.

Now that you understand what six sigma is you might be wondering why you should use it for your manufacturing company over some of the other manufacturing processes out there. It is true that there are numerous manufacturing processes available that are designed to help improve your manufacturing process. But even though all of the processes have the same objective they all have different reasons why you should use one process over the other. Not to mention the fact that not all processes will work for every manufacturing plant.

Here are ten reasons why six sigma is a great option for manufacturing.

Number one:

One of the best reasons to implement a manufacturing process such as six sigma is to save money. These programs are designed to reduce the amount of waste that is created when you are manufacturing your products. What these processes will do is look at you entire manufacturing process, one step at a time and see where you can make any changes or improvements that will increase your productivity. These programs increase your productivity because they get rid of waste and poor quality, which means you are producing more quality products and you are not wasting time or energy on production costs.

Number two:
If you have noticed that your company's quality is not what it could be then you should consider implementing the Six Sigma manufacturing process to make quality your companies priority. In fact quality is one of the most important things for a manufacturing plant because it is important to your reputation that your products be worth the money you are asking for them and not break all of the time, not to mention the amount of waste you would reduce while manufacturing the products if you only manufactured quality products.

Number three:
Another great reason that six sigma helps numerous organizations because it reduces the operational costs. The way that six sigma reduces the operational costs is by focusing on reducing the number of defects that are produced, reducing the cycle time, and cost savings.

Number four:
One of the best ways to make your manufacturing plant more efficient is to implement some type of manufacturing program like six sigma that focuses on making your plant more efficient. But not only will it make your plant more efficient implanting a program like six sigma will also help to improve safety, meaning less accidents will occur at your manufacturing plant.

Number five:

Perhaps the most popular reason that companies use six sigma is that everybody in the company from upper management on down is trained in six sigma. What this means is that because people are being trained in six sigma they are all being trained on how to do things the same way. Basically what this means is that everybody in the company is on the same page and being on the same page ensures that everybody is doing things the same way.

Number six:
Six sigma is a great program to use in your manufacturing process because of the fact it is going to teach people how to problem solve. Basically the reason that this happens is that everybody in your company is going to go through some kind of training, whether it is green belt or black belt. And with this training they are going to learn how to approach a variety of situations and figure out how to solve the problems they face.

Number seven:
Another great reason to use six sigma in your manufacturing plant is that six sigma will actually help you to increase your floor space. The reason for this is that when implementing six sigma you are going to be more organized, which means there will be less clutter in places so you can actually see what is going on. This makes sense because if you can't see what is going on there is no way to figure out what needs to get improved.

Number eight:
Six sigma is also a lot narrower of a view than other manufacturing processes. What this actually boils down to is that with six sigma you will be taking a narrower focus on what needs to be improved, rather than a broad focuses. Most of the time with six sigma what you will do is to start improving in small areas and wait until you see results before moving on to another area. This helps to boost employee morale and show people that it is going to work.

Number nine:
Six sigma requires you to take a look at one section at a time and to actually look at your quality standards to see if they need to be improved; where as other manufacturing processes only requires that you keep your existing standards.

Number ten:
Six sigma is also different because of how it focuses on cost cutting measures that can reduce the value and quality, basically six sigma focuses on getting rid of costs that have no value to the customer.

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