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The best online training resources for improving manufacturing quality

buildings19268963.jpg This article will cover where you can find six sigma training online, and which programs will be better for your personal needs and the needs of your business.

Six Sigma is a quality control and management approach that was developed by Motorola in the 1980s.Since Motorola and then GE implemented Six Sigma as a company-wide approach to improving customer satisfaction by decreasing process variation and defects, all the while increasing profitability, Six Sigma has become one of the most widely known, popular, and widely publicized quality management methodologies.One of the major differences between Six Sigma and other quality control techniques and programs, like TQM (Total Quality Management) is that Six Sigma requires intensive and comprehensive training of employees.Six Sigma makes use of complicated statistical analysis of data gathered from every aspect of a process.This data is then analyzed and corrective ideas and approaches are designed through the use of Six Sigma statistical analysis tools.The entire operation takes place in the framework of DMAIC, the six step process that is the guiding light of six sigma.Because six sigma is an entire way of doing business-a complete transformation of the culture of your corporation or business-it requires that everybody involved in a process be trained in different aspects of six sigma.So, for example, the senior management will have to receive six sigma training so that they can understand and help make decisions about quality control.There are different levels of six sigma training-the most common ones are green belt, black belt, and master black belt.Each level represents a different intensity of six sigma training.

Becoming trained in six sigma can be a great professional move for you to make.Businesses are in need of people who are already trained in six sigma; hiring pre-trained six sigma engineers can help businesses save money because they don't have to pay to train their entire company.Also, once a business has converted to six sigma, every new employee will have to be trained in six sigma, if they are working in a department that is involved in a number of different processes.Because of the need for intensive training, innumerable business schools and online sources now offer six sigma training.Generally, the courses for six sigma training take about four to six weeks.When you are choosing a six sigma training course, make sure that you choose one from a trusted source.You can go anywhere and get a certificate, but it won't mean anything unless you come away from your training problem with an actual grasp and understanding of six sigma procedures.Your training program should also include real world application of six sigma tools.You should have the opportunity and the requirement to work on a project using six sigma, instead of limiting your training to studying out of a book.

The following are some places where you can find six sigma online training.Each of these sources should provide you with the in-depth training that you need, but make sure that you look into the program and ensure that it is right for you.

Six Sigma Online, at, offers online training courses and also provides a great source of information on all other aspects of six sigma, including six sigma products and an online discussion board.

Motorola University, at, is a university run by Motorola itself.If you choose to complete your six sigma training through Motorola University, you will be learning from the people who developed Six Sigma and who use perhaps the most.

Here are a few other sites that you might want to look at as you research six sigma online training and decide which training program will be best for you:, a training program run by the people who are famous for providing training for every profession and test under the sun, from the SAT to the MCAT., the website for University of Phoenix., one of the most popular six sigma training programs, a six sigma training program offered by VillanovaUniversity.

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