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The qualities of a six sigma plan

There are a lot of different things that go into manufacturing that make it work. One of the best things that you can use in manufacturing is a six sigma plan. There are a lot of other plans out there that manufacturing companies use but a six sigma plan has a lot more pros then the other plans do. Here are some examples of the qualities of a six sigma plan.

The first example is that it cuts down on a lot of waste. Six sigma is a way to help improve your company is just using common sense things and taking them to the next level. If your company has a lot of waste such as not taking the initiative and reusing something that could probably be reused once or twice then this is some where six sigma could come into play and you could start reusing it to save on cost which in the long run will help you to make more of a profit.

The second example is customer service. Customer service is some where that if you struggle your business is probably hurting because of it. The best things to do is using a six sigma plan sit down and see if you can find where your customer service is failing, doing this will help you to see where improvements need to be made. You might even have to go as far as actually asking customers what they like about your company and where they think improvements can be made. You may also want to think about doing surveys or even ask your employees if customers have mentioned to them where they think your company can improve. Having the best customer service will help your business be more profitable.

The third example the vendors you have. You want to make sure that the quality in your products are good but you also want to make sure that you are getting a good price from vendors. You don't want to have to over charge customers for a product that they can go somewhere else and get for cheaper but you also don't want to lose money. Because of this you will want to use a six sigma plan and shop around. This way you will know where to get the best price and still keep the same quality.

The fourth example is making sure that you set up certain standards and procedures and make sure that you keep them. For example if you have found out that doing maintenance on a machine every couple of hours helps your manufacturing process run faster and smoother you will want to make sure that you keep this routine up so that you will continue to make more money because of your manufacturing process.

These are just some of the examples of the qualities of a six sigma plan. There are a lot of other qualities of using a six sigma plan. It all depends on how serious you want to get into using a six sigma plan and what type of business you are running. You can also hire some one to help you get your six sigma plan in line. The company you hire should go around and point out things that could use approving. If you decide to use a company for your six sigma plan you will want to make sure that you shop around and find out what the qualities of their six sigma plan is over other companies. You will also want to make sure that you ask for references so that you can make sure that they have done a good job and know what they are doing before you spend your money on them.

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