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The Risks And Rewards Of Lean Manufacturing

Are you dealing with a lot of struggles pertaining to your organizations waste level and other things? What can you do about all of the waste that you are struggling with? How about using a program like lean manufacturing? This is a great way to understand the different types of wastes that you are dealing with but also to help you create a program that will allow you to create consistency along the company. Even though lean has a lot of great use, there are some risks that are part of lean manufacturing.

If you are looking into lean manufacturing one of the first things that you need to do is to focus your efforts on figuring out how it can benefit your company. Does lean manufacturing actually have a use in your organization? Will it be able to reduce wastes? How about using it to help you create better products? Identifying how lean can help is one of the biggest things that you need to understand when using lean to make it work. There are several lean tools and in many cases companies can use too many lean tools and this causes confusion.

Lean tools are meant to help you but if you choose the wrong ones or you are using too many, it will make it hard for you to have a company that benefits from lean. In fact you could end up with more defects and other things because you are trying to do too much with the lean tools.

Training is vital for lean manufacturing to work. There are a lot of companies out there that use lean manufacturing but they don't take the time to train their staff on how it works. When this happens, people do not know what to do and they often have a hard time being able to find a way to stay consistent with lean. Management has one of the biggest challenges with lean manufacturing as they need to show their employees that lean does work and that they are seeing improvements from it. You have to use lean in the right way and to help employees overcome their resistance to change with the proper implementation of lean as well as your example. The more you show them that lean works, the easier it will be for them to gather that lean can become a program that they can adjust to and one that they believe in.Lean will only be successful if you can get everyone within the company behind the program. As long as they are committed to it, your company will be able to commit to it and you will all be able to reduce wastes and focus on customer satisfaction.

Lean manufacturing is a process and it is not something that you can implement overnight and expect success. You have to focus on understanding that lean will take time to implement. You need to be patient with lean or it won't work. Make sure you have goals and tools in place that can help with lean. This way your staff can see it working and they are able to hit their target goals. Don't just toss lean out the door in a few weeks or months if it doesn't work. You need to make adjustments with the lean tools that you are using in order to see how it can make an impact. When people start seeing some improvements, they will be able to understand why they have to remain committed to lean and then they can easily work on making their changes and commitment to it and become productive.

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