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Tips for implementing six sigma

If it is the goal of your manufacturing plant to implement six sigma you have many benefits and challenges ahead of you.Implementing six sigma can be quite the process especially if you are introducing these concepts for the first time.Adjustments will need to me made both to machines and to the working habits of the employees, and as we all know fear of change is sometimes the hardest part of introducing something new.While there is no right or wrong way to incorporate six sigma into your business, there are some tips that can help you implement it more easily.

Start with a strong commitment

A strong mentality for change and taking a hard look at how to improve is vital if the company is to progress and ultimately increase profits.This responsibility will fall largely on the shoulders of the management team.

Access to information

The next step in the six sigma implementation process is to maintain access to current information on the requirements or demands of your customers.Information accessibility is vital if you are to make the appropriate changes during your implementation.Current performance needs to be evaluated and areas still needing improvement should be made clear.

Hiring and training the right people

Establishing the systems of management and measurement, that are so vital to six sigma success, takes a trained staff.That is why many organizations implementing six sigma choose to employ individuals who have specific training in the different roles of implementation.Those who have this specific training have been given titles that include Black Belts and Green Belts (to name just two).

Six sigma team

In some cases there is a need for a separate leadership body that will be able to be responsible for the strategic, tactical and management decisions required for the six sigma improvement program.You may have already begun the six sigma implementation process before realizing that the task may be too much (or require too much additional training) for current employees to handle in addition to their work load.

Clear communication

The last step that an organization seeks to attain is to implement successful six sigma methods throughout the organization effectively and clearly.Six sigma benefits cannot be seen in all levels of the organization, if all levels of the organization are uninformed as to the changes that have been made.Constant improvement, adjusting and innovation are required in order to sustain any productive working system.Those improvements come from all levels of the organization and in all sectors of the production line.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

If at any time during the implementation process you realize that the task you have undertaken is too daunting, remember that there are many dozens of highly experienced consulting companies who offer their services on whatever aspect of the implementation that you have become caught up on.Additionally, there are a variety of different pieces of software that can be used to assist in the mathematical and sequential steps of the Six Sigma methodologies.Large manufacturing companies are likely going to have more resources when it comes to hiring a six sigma consulting firm to help with their implementation.But that is not to say that training courses and consulting for smaller operations cannot yield similar benefits.

Implementing six sigma may have a definite beginning, but it is difficult to know when the implementation has completed simply because the nature of the six sigma process is progressive and meant to change and evolve with the company.Underperforming areas of the company will continually be put under the six sigma microscope with the ultimate goal that once a program is refined an organization will then have the ability to increase the value of its products, the efficiency of its applications and its overall financial prosperity.

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