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Tips for incorporating new manufacturing systems

When you are looking to incorporate a new manufacturing system into your facility, you need to understand what you are getting into. Here are some tips to help you incorporate a new manufacturing system into your facility:

Tip # 1 - Know the System
Before you can begin to shop around for a new system, you need to clearly define what you are looking for. Create a list of all the needs of the company and sit down with your employees to brainstorm some new ideas. Your employees may come up with some suggestions that you haven't thought of yet and you may change your mind when it comes to selecting a new system. Go to other facilities and watch the system in action. Does it produce materials quickly? Are there any problems with the products? What is the defect ratio?

Tip # 2 - Shop Around
Before you decide on one system, test out 2 or 3. Even if you don't like the other systems, at least you understand what you are getting into. Knowing the other systems that are available can help you understand what your competition may be using and it can help you stay competitive. Look for manufacturing systems that allow for upgrades. It is important to find a system that will sustain your company for many years. If you purchase a machine that will allow for upgrades, you will be able to stay competitive and it will keep your company up-to-date.

Tip # 3 - Think about your customers

When you are out looking for a new manufacturing system, remember the needs of your customers. Customers are constantly looking for companies that are making efforts to go green and support the environment. Find out if the machine is energy efficient and if you are able to use recyclable materials with the machines. Always think about the various products you need to produce for the customers and look for machines that offer more than just one thing. Perhaps you produce boxes, does your new machine allow you to cover the boxes with white paper and then print images on them? Always think of the bigger picture when you are looking for a new system.

Tip # 4 - Budget

Another important part of selecting a new manufacturing system is your budget. Should you lease or buy the equipment? How long do you plan on keeping the equipment before you are ready for an upgrade? Look for ways to save money on your investment by purchasing machines that are used. If you do buy a used machine, make sure it is has been fully serviced recently and find out what parts have been replaced on it.

Tip # 5 - Train

After you purchase a new system, you will need to train your employees. If you don't fully understand how to use it, contact the company that sold you the machine to see if they can come in for company-wide training. Actual trainings work much better than pulling out a manual and attempting to learn from a booklet. All the employees need to understand how to use the new system if it is going to be effective. Do individual and group training meetings so each employee is able to ask their own questions and to get first-hand experience with the new machine.

After the new system is in place, sit back and watch your employees. Notice the common problems your employees may be facing with the machine and look for ways to fix the problem. Offer another training course if you notice the employees are not using the machines properly. In order for a new manufacturing machine to be effective, everyone at the facility must be on the same page. Keeping open communication with your staff members can help you find ways to make the new system work better for everyone.

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