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Tips for six sigma training

While there are countless methodologies for creating and implementing six sigma training programs, most training systems have the same things in common.There are many practical solutions for six sigma training that most larger companies follow.These companies not only influence how six sigma is used for the benefit of their own business but can also provide great examples for what can be done to avoid some of the pitfalls that seem to be the fate of many smaller manufacturing businesses.Below are several basic tips that you can review as you plan your own six sigma training.

Have a timeline

All projects should be assigned with a period of time allotted for their completion.Projects with shorter time frames need to be approached more aggressively and with a greater degree of planning.Simple things like measuring and testing possible solutions may vary greatly in time consumption, depending on the nature of the project.Plan for things such as what tools will need to be used to address the problem and what sort of daily planning and progress measurements can be taken.But be cautious to avoid over planning.

Scope and outcome

The scope of a project (how large of a problem managers perceive something to be) will change as a better understanding of the problem develops.Knowing the scope of the problem is important in understanding what time constraints and commitments to give to the project as well as what kinds of outcomes can be practically expected.

Stick to the facts

Perhaps the biggest part of solving a problem is understanding the problem.If the problem is not properly understood or there are pre-conceived ideas regarding why the problem exits, these problems will not be able to be fixed.Having an opened mind and trying to see all possible problem causing scenarios objectively is essential.

Using tools wisely

One of the great advantages of the six sigma program is that there are tools to finding solutions for just about everything.Unfortunately the downside to this is that sometime there are so many possible solutions that it is easy to choose one that may not work out the best.For example, it becomes easier to run with the first idea and call that the optimal solution than it is to look past perfectly viable solutions in a search to find something that may or may not be better.You can understand how this process can become frustrating.Having an opened mind when it comes to exploring alternative ideas is generally worth the effort.

Implement with care

You can have the most amazing planning meeting where everyone is on the same page when it comes to identifying and finding an optimal solution for a problem and yet fail when it comes to managing the implementation of change.Implementing the change is unfortunately often the most poorly managed step in the entire process.Make sure that your solutions can actually be implemented in a way that makes sense.You could even test implementation methods to determine which one will work best.

Know the benefits

Aside from being a huge part of morale boosting knowing the exact benefits of a project is important to the company's stakeholders and ultimately the company's financial performance.If you cannot clearly identify the benefits of the change that is being proposed, it is most likely best to redirect your efforts to another issue.Do not skip the additional step of calculating the theoretical benefits.

Sustainable results

After all of your efforts in identifying problems, calculating benefits, finding solutions and implementing change, the last thing that you want is to have to revisit this problem again in a few months.Make sure that whatever your finished product is, that it is sustainable to the point that team leaders can handle future issues without needing the intervention of a six sigma team.

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