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Top five things you need to know about lean manufacturing

Here are the top five things you need to know about lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is the process of eliminating the non-value added operations of a company's production or process.

So when you think about that you can see that by eliminating the waste, the money that is saved, can go toward the more necessary and beneficial parts of the company expenses and costs for operations.

Here are the top five things you will need to know about lean manufacturing and what makes it work.


As you look at the process of lean manufacturing you will see that the idea is to get rid of waste. You will need to look at the way things are being done in the processes of your company and see where the waste is. So, what is waste? Anything that does not add value is waste. This can be tools, processes or even employees. That is going to be one of the hardest things for an owner or supervisor to see. Some waste is easier to recognize that others.

If there is a job that has two people working it, that one person could efficiently do. Then the waste is the additional person. If there are outdated tools that are being used to complete jobs, but it is not working efficiently. Then removing that tool, and getting tools that will be more efficient is necessary. It goes for processes as well. If there were processes that are lacking in efficiency, then a new process would need to be implemented.


The next thing to look at is the mind set that people use to run their business. This mind set needs to be changed and worked with each person that is a part of that company. The new mindset needs to be that if you produce the right product and provide the right service at the time it is needed, and then the waste would be eliminated.

So often people look at this mindset and think they are already doing this. However, that is not often times the case. By looking deeper into these processes and services, they see there is a definite lack of productivity in one form or another.


Conventional manufacturing and management will usually conflict with the overall process of lean manufacturing. Therefore, you will usually find some friction in the adaptation of the new way of thinking. The security blankets that so many are used to having will be removed. Therefore people have to begin to think with a more successful, work harder attitude.


You will have to look at all areas and levels of your company. This is because one area cannot work lean without the entire company doing the same. There are many times that it is easier to implement the change in one area, but another will have a significantly difficult time with the change. This goes along with the idea that it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks.


You must be ready for commitment, follow through and hard work. Going lean is a process that requires hard work from all parties involved. Thus, it is something that at the time you decide to implement lean manufacturing, you are going to be willing to give it 110%. This is not only from you, but also from every person within the company. The training involved will have to be set for all of the employees, managers, and owners of the company.

Overall these are the five main things you need to know about lean manufacturing. If you want to see success, with less waste, this is the way to go. So as you are reading this, take some time to also check out the other information about lean manufacturing on the Internet. You can also see that there is companies that offer training, support and much more.

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