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Top five things you need to know about Six Sigma

Here are the top five things you need to know about Six Sigma. See the entire process of Six Sigma is based around the customers needs. The needs of the customer equate into the work that needs to be completed. Then that separated into separate tasks. Then finally making sure those tasks interact in a manner that is efficient.


The first thing to know about Six Sigma is that it takes the information that is gained from the customers needs, and then turns that information and turns it into operational terms, then defines the necessary processes. Those processes are then turned into tasks that need to be done. Then there is going to be an analysis and improvement plan set up to make the successful changes happen. The person who will be analyzing and implementing these types of changes needs to be a person who thinks quantitatively.


The next thing you need to know is how the plans for analyzing the data and the improvement interventions will work. It will not likely be an easy change for many in the company. In fact, some of the changes could be very hard to follow through with and can take a great deal of time. Many times a business will begin working the Six Sigma plan. Then fall short with the completion and follow through simply because it is different or hard.


The broad data that will be gathered in the analyzing process needs to be brought down into realistic goals that can be accomplished. Thus, thinking about the bigger picture, is simply not enough. Then you will need to know the steps that can be followed through on a much smaller scale. These are the steps that will make the bigger picture and goal happen. These are some of the key areas that you will need to make sure happen with a smooth flow. This will be the smaller of the goals that make the bigger goals successful.

a. What will you need to do to improve effectiveness and efficiency?
b. What products or tools can you implement in order to create a smoother process for production and sales?
c. How can you get rid of the waste that is simply costing the money needed for higher improvement of other areas?
d. What will grow profit by improving revenue and reduce the cost of operations.

When you can make these questions become steps for improvement you will find that you are working with the Six Sigma thinking in mind.


How will you measure progress? If you start the process of Six Sigma, tracking and analyzing the progress from the change is just as important as any other part of the process. In fact with out this step, you will have no data or idea if the process changes are working. You will need to know this, so that you can see what areas are achieving the needed goals, and what areas will need additional tweaking to reach their goals.


Know your final goal. The goal can change as improvements are made. Though, in the beginning the goals need to be able to be reached, and then reset in time. You need to know what your goal is in order to track your progress. That tracking and implementing of needed plans is going to be the best way to get to the goal you want.

Overall these are five things you need to know about Six Sigma. Do not expect it to happen over night. However if you get the process going and follow through, you will see the improvements needed to run more efficiently with the customers needs in mind. This will lead to a greater level of success.

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