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Training for quality assurance

Quality Assurance or QA is a systematic method used to ensure that products and or services meet or exceeds customers' requirements. The process is planned out and systematic in nature. Quality assurance cannot absolutely guarantee the production of quality products, but it helps to make this ideal more likely. There are two key principles when dealing with quality assurance: "fit for purpose" and "right first time".

Fit for purpose indicates that the product or service should be suitable for its intended purposes. It is wasteful to produce products that do not fit the needs of your customers.Remember, quality is dictated by your clients or customers, not by society in general.Even "low-end" items can be quality items if they fit the need of a specific user.
The Right first time principle is just as it sounds. Quality assurance helps in eliminating duplication of work and mistakes. It would include regulation of the quality for raw materials, products and components, assemblies, services related to your production, management practices, and the production and inspection processes.

Quality assurance provides confidence in your product for customers, which in turn provides more success for you as a business. So the training of personnel in this area is extremely crucial to a business' success. There are a variety of methods available for providing this kind of training. Below are just a few methods that may help your business.

Method #1:In-house training.
Your company can provide an expert for each of the various areas needing quality assurance. That expert can then provide training on the job or in classroom settings to each employee. This can be done as part of the induction process or as an on-going basis throughout individuals careers. In-house training allows your company to have an expert on hand whenever necessary.

Method #2: Outsource.
There are many firms and individuals out there that make their living on training other businesses on how to succeed in quality assurance. When outsourcing you have a few options as well. You can send individuals to their place of business one on one, or in large groups. Or you can them come to your place of business and do the same. Depending on the company or individual you select will determine which options are available. If you want to have your training managed in a particular way you will need to do some research as to which firms provide that particular type of service. Costs for outsourcing can become expensive depending upon the extensiveness you utilize them.

Method #3: Computer based training. There are several software companies that have written programs to help individuals and or groups complete quality assurance certifications. These programs can be purchased and housed within the walls of your own company. This would allow you some flexibility to when and how many employees you can train simultaneously. This method does allow you a little more quantitative data about how each individual does or thinks about safety. Software programs can collect data and provide instantaneous feedback about the strengths and weaknesses in your processes. These programs are also available over the internet now. Your company can purchase the rights to use these courses. This allows for employees to complete their training from home on their own time and in their own comforts. This can benefit the employee providing an environment of less stress and comfort. It can also be detrimental if there is no accountability to whether or not the training has been completed. Most programs will provide you with various reporting data to help you make sure that everyone receives the training and the successfulness of the program.

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