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What do you need to know about regulatory reform as a manufacturer?

As these obstacles pertain to the field of manufacturing, reform is intended to move any stumbling blocks that may hinder manufacturers from producing the goods and services that not only keep the U.S. economy strong, but that also make products available that will aid in important political issues and concerns such as national security.The goal is for the regulations to be such that they effectively address objectives that are important to social workings of business.Naturally in this case, security is a foremost concern for every citizen, let alone business and reform in the manufacturing sector is beneficial to many more people than may realize it.

Another reason why regulatory reform is an important issue for reform is that regulatory reform is an encouraged process that is meant to ensure that the field of manufacturing remains competitive in the U.S.The government has an interest in ensuring that homeland manufacturing techniques remain superior or at least extremely competitive with manufacturing techniques that are applied abroad.Some specific reform areas that industry leaders push for include energy and healthcare cost assistance and high tax and regulatory compliance burdens.

Recent renewed interest has been taken in regulatory reform in the manufacturing sector.On March, 2005 it was announced that federal agencies would be taking administrative steps towards reducing the burdens associated with cost to manufacturing firms operating in the United States.The process of reform actions recommended could be anything from gathering data and reporting additional information to issuing modernized regulations.The agency of the government that is heading the estimated 76 reforms for manufacturers is called the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).The OMB anticipates that these reforms will greatly benefit especially the smaller manufacturing operations.

It is hypothesized that the government holds special interest on regulatory reform for manufacturers because of the larger scale health and environmental issues that are at stake.One industry leader calls American small business the "driving force behind U.S. manufacturing."In fact about 99% of all manufacturing firms are in fact small businesses themselves.Continuing to look at numbers and percentages, of the more than 14 million Americans in the manufacturing business more than 42% are employed by small businesses.

Small business manufacturing operations have seen regulatory reform bring aid of nearly $16,920 per employee.Manufacturing firms with more than 500 employees saw much lower financial assistance levels at $7,054 per employee.Still, this financial assistance can mean the difference between lay-offs and company growth.

So, as a manager, what do you need to know about all the regulatory reform action taking place?Knowing about regulatory reform and how it affects your business is important for your decisions about job creation, growth, and innovation.Knowing what type of assistance programs you may be able to participate in can give you more options with which to work.

Assistance for small businesses is also important for the economy.Growth, innovation, and competition all drive the forces behind supply, demand, service, quality, etc.Small businesses provide competition to industry leaders in the U.S. and even internationally.The strength pg the U.S. manufacturing industry is more important than most people realize as remaining competitive in this field keeps us ahead of the technology that could be used to compromise security.This one example is perhaps enough motivation that continues to influence government dollars and fuel future regulatory reform for manufacturers.

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