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What is dmaic and what does it have to do with lean six sigma?

If you are looking into six sigma and what it can do for your company, you have run across a lot of rather confusing and bizarre terms and acronyms, like DMAIC.This article will answer the following question: what is DMAIC and what does it have to do with lean six sigma?

DMAIC (pronounced duh-may-ick) is one of the tools used in lean six sigma.It stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.DMAIC is a quality control strategy that is driven by data gathered from analysis of products and processes.It is a central part of Six Sigma quality processes.Each stage of DMAIC is interconnected, each leads to the other, and they are all dependent upon each other.

Let's go through what each step of DMAIC means and what it can do.The important thing to remember while we are going through DMAIC is that it is a cycle-you will constantly be running through the process so that you can always be on top of the quality of your processes and products.

The first step is define.In this step, you will define the customer, define customer Critical to Quality issues, and define the Core Business Process that is involved.Who is your customer?What are the boundaries of your project?Where does the process start and where does it stop?You also define the process by producing a map of the process flow.

The second step is measure.In this step, you measure the performance of the Core Business Process that you are analyzing.First, you will develop a data collection plan, you collect data from all different sources, and then you compare that data to the results of customer surveys.

The third step of DMAIC is analyze.In this step, you will analyze the data that youhave collected so that you can discern and find the root causes of defects and problems in your processes.You will also find the places where processes can be improved.
While you are going through this process, you will identify the gaps between your performance goals and how you are currently performing.Then you make a priority list of different opportunities that you have to improve your process.Finally, you will find and identify what is causing variation in your processes.

The fourth step of DMAIC is improve.In this step, you work to improve the process through coming up with creatively designed solutions.You will also use this step to prevent problems in your processes.The way that you come up with these solutions is through the use of technology, discipline, and data.This step also includes the deployment of your plan.

Finally, you come to the control step of DMAIC.This step is what will help you from going back to the way that things were.To keep from going back to old problems and mess ups, you will have to keep documents and design and keep on top of a plan to monitor your processes.You also need to make DMAIC part of your ongoing structure and the way that you always work within your company.

Lean six sigma is a management and a quality control and improvement process that is not just a one time event.It is something that you will continually be going through and working on so that you can make sure that you don't slip into the old problems that have been impeding your development as a company.The DMAIC steps are a central part of improving the quality of your processes and your products.

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