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What is SIPOC, how is it used

The case is, a lot of businesses are in trouble these days. Disorganization, miscommunication, laziness, sloppiness, lack of vision, lack of will, lack of talent-of course, all of these things play a role. We're only human, after all. We all may perfectly human mistakes. And when you think of the difficulty of one man or women, or even a small group of men and women, trying to lead this virtual army, and you begin to understand some of the complications involved. That's where SIPOC comes in. SIPOC is an organizing force. It helps you to see your way through the dark wood.
If your business is failing, if your business is in trouble, if your business is doing OK but could be doing a lot better, then SIPOC may be just thing to you.
What happens basically is, you call in SIPOC, which sits down with your business team and attempt to come up with specific questions. Who are you really trying to reach, customer-wise. What is the purpose of your company? What does your company offer the other companies? If you don't have answers to these questions, you're employees will surely sense it. You're employees won't have answers to the questions, and will fill rudderless and lost. SIPOC can help with this problem.
Now, SIPOC is meant to answer four major questions:

1. To clear up vexing questions such as who is providing the input to the processes?
2. What specifications are placed on these inputs?
3. Who are the customers that truly benefit from the process?
4. What do the customers most need?
Now, these questions are like the four elements: wind, fire, water, earth. They're the fundamentals of any business. You get those down, and you're sure to begin all over again in trying to bring your needed product to the world. SIPOC breaks down its philosophy into an easy-to-read diagram. SIPOC has representatives that will help your company to understand the problems that are hampering it.
A tool like SIPOC is also important because even the surest, soundest, safest businesses can always use a little tightening up, a squeezing out of extra water. You bring these people in, you apply the principles, and lo! even the greatest businesses begin to notice improvements immediately. Think of it like this. We mentioned the body before. You want your body to be in the greatest condition possible. But do athletes stop working out once they reach their goals of muscle and weight! Of course not. They're exciting success excites them to push themselves. The same should go for businesses. Let's say that through the power of SIPOC you read your yearly goals in six months. Where do you go from there? Do you sit back and enjoy the fruits of your success, or do you pick up even more energy and go for it as you've never done before?
SIPOC helps primarily by getting rid of those million little difficulties that, added together, can crush a soul or a company. It helps you get rid of those little nagging doubts-did I do this-did I do that-did I pay this bill-did I send out paychecks; once these questions are answered, and answered in the positive, you can begin to rest and to focus on what's truly important.
You should definitely consider SIPOC when looking for your ways to improve your business. Business can always use more organization, can always use a greater sense of how everyone works together in their different parts. SIPOC can help your employees feel like integral parts of the learning process.

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