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What kind of assistance is there for manufacturers?

The manufacturing industry has seen some pretty hard times in the last decade.When manufacturers struggle, many other sectors of the economy struggle as well.In 2001 there was a significant recession that hit the manufacturing industry particularly hard.Since then, recovery from that recession has been slow in coming.

The industry of manufacturing is different than other industries in the America's manufacturing companies are competing not only with each other but with a global market.Future growth and even national security depends largely on the success of American manufacturing.

When the average business experiences recessions or other hits to their businesses they must raise prices in order to compensate for their losses while still making a profit.Manufacturers to not have the luxury of being able to raise their prices as readily because if they do someone else (possibly not an American company) will take their place, making U.S. jobs even harder to come by and weakening our own abilities to manufacture goods that may be vital in wartime.

The government does not want to see this resource weaken and has provided financial assistance to manufacturers in the past.However, as was previously mentioned, manufacturers are just coming out of a hard financial time as state and federal budget cuts over the past four years have eliminated nearly a third of the manufacturing staff in the state of Georgia alone (a leading state in manufacturing).Cost advantages were missed during this time because of insufficient staffing and resources.

Of course the distribution of state and federal budget money is always highly debated and although the manufacturing industry is not as strong as it should be there have been improvements.Over the past few years Congress has continues to push the advocacy of American manufacturers and has granted fees to aid them.The Manufacturing Extension Partnership is one example of a program that has been widely praised by manufacturers and is supported strongly by Congress.This program pushes for manufacturing jobs to remain in the United States.
Where the government may not have been able to provide sufficient assistance other organizations have come to the aid of the manufacturing industry.The Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) has established a Manufacturers Assistance Branch.This program is designed to provide assistance and training to the manufacturing industry.This includes both large and small manufacturers and trade associations.
Manufacturer's assistance is available in numerous areas including: clinical investigator information, adverse event reporting procedures, electronic submissions guidance and requirements, and information on how to submit an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) to administer an investigational product to humans.
The Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAA), is a federal program that provides financial assistance to manufacturers affected by import competition. The TAA is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce.In short this federal assistance program pays for half the cost of consultants or industry-specific experts.These financial aids can be used for projects that improve a manufacturer's competitiveness and include benefits such as:

Minimizing investments and maximizing results:Manufacturing companies pay only 50% of a project, but benefit fully from the results. Improvement strategies are no longer delayed by financial constraints.Progress and production are more efficient.

Cash flow advantages: Funds given through this program do not need to be reimbursed.As long as the manufacturing company pays for their half of the project costs, TAA covers the remainder.

The assistance programs mentioned above are by no means all of the programs that are available to manufacturers.Other government and state benefits exists as well as aid that comes from private non-profit and for-profit organizations.

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