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What kinds of insurances do you need when you have a manufacturing plant?

In the manufacturing business insurance needs for employers and employees are extremely important.It is absolutely necessary to have insurance if you work or are running a manufacturing plant, but it is difficult to decide sometimes what kinds of insurances you need when you have a manufacturing plant.

Commercial Liability insurance
You can get some insurance package deals that will bundle together general liability insurance with property liability insurance.These packages are referred to as BOP or Business Owner Policy.The Business Owner Policy will usually cover most of the manufacturing liability needs, but be it sometimes differs with the size of the manufacturing plant.

Business Owner Policy Insurance
What exactly does this mean?Business Owner Policies are usually written to cover expenses due to damage or destruction of business property, or when actions or non actions of the business employee's or employers result in bodily harm or injury, and property damage to an individual.Much like general liability insurance, the property portion of a Business Owner Policy offers named perils or all risk coverage.Some may even include more than that.The Liability portion of a Business Owner Property is put together in almost the same way as a stand alone Commercial General Liability policy.One major difference from the two is that a Business Owner Policy is much less flexible in regards to determining the coverage limits for certain claims.It is important to remember that a Business Owner Policy does not include professional liability insurance which can protect your manufacturing plant from negligent losses.

Business Interruption Insurance
Business Interruption insurance in usually included in the Business Owner Policy, but if it is not you may want to look into getting some for your manufacturing plant.Business interruption insurance will cover lost income and expenses placed upon a company if there are disaster related damages.Such things as operating expenses that can continue to happen even the business is suspended would be covered with Business interruption insurance.

General Liability Insurance
General Liability Insurance will usually provide protection for your manufacturing plant against bodily injury claims and property damage.These are the two most common claims that come up in the manufacturing business.General liability insurance covers some different things some of which are:

  • Joint venture.If you are in the manufacturing business with a partner then this policy covers all owners involved and spouses.Keep in mind though, that it will only cover that person if they are doing something that is related to the business.

  • - Employees also receive protection under general liability insurance only if an accident or injury occurs while working at the manufacturing plant.

  • - General liability insurance offers newly insured coverage within the first three months or ninety days.

  • - Legal representatives

  • - If it is written in your agreement, vendors would also be covered with this insurance.

It is well known that if you are starting a manufacturing business you need some kind of insurance.General Liability Insurance is the most common known among the manufacturing industry because it covers such a wide span of damages and injury's.So the question is not whether or not you will need it, the question is how much you want to spend in keeping you and your employees safe.Having insurance to cover the costs of damage and bodily harm is detrimental for the success of any and all manufacturing companies.Here are some other types of things that general liability insurance will cover:

  • Physical damage to the property

  • - Restitution for death

  • - Court costs

  • - Attorney fees

  • - Loss of business property due to any cause

  • - Medical expenses

  • - Premiums

  • - Costs for physical injury and bodily harm

Don't leave yourself open to failure by forgetting or not taking the time to get the right insurance for your manufacturing company.Finding the right kind of insurances for your manufacturing plant is the difference between success and failure so take the time and do your homework.

This is a great guide and a... (Below threshold)

This is a great guide and a lot of people should find it useful for manufacturing and design/build process. Thanks!

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