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What you need to do to get six sigma certified

If you are in the manufacturing industry, it may be worth the investment to obtain your six sigma certification. Six sigma certification increases your desirability to employers and it can significantly increase your salary. Companies that are looking to introduce six sigma like to hire professionals that already have their six sigma certification because they do not need to pay for them to obtain it and they also can use them to train other employees at the company.

If you are currently employed, you may need your six sigma certification to advance within the company. Companies that have implemented six sigma often require their employees to complete their six sigma certification before they will increase their salary or before they will consider them for a promotion.

Six sigma certification increases your knowledge in a particular subject and it shows companies that you want to be a leader. You are showing your current employers that you can take on additional work and that you are a valuable asset to the company. Six sigma certification includes studying the subject material and being tested on it. You need to demonstrate your level of competency in a real environment in order to pass the test.

In order to obtain your six sigma certification you will need to enroll in a class either in-person or online. The training class will discuss the different six sigma levels and provide you with various training materials about six sigma. At the end of the course, you will need to take a written test. If you pass the test and pass the real environment test, you will receive your six sigma certification. The real environment tests are simply a way to apply the knowledge you have learned in the classroom.

Once you have received your six sigma certification, it is important to continue studying the material, especially if you are planning on applying for a new job. Most companies will test their new hires six sigma knowledge before they will offer them a job. This is a simple way to screen potential employees and it gives the company a good look at your six sigma certification.

Six Sigma is not standardized so it is important to ask your employer what type of certification they accept or look for. The six sigma certification class can cost upwards of $30,000 so it is a big investment for anyone. If your company is offering six sigma training courses, sign up. Let the company pay for the courses so you can pocket the extra money it would have cost you to obtain your six sigma certification.

If you are seeking six sigma certification on your own, try to obtain your certification through the larger companies like Motorola and GE. Some companies will not transfer your six sigma certification, so this is why it is vital to find out where other people in the industry are receiving their certification from. There are different laws with each state that discuss six sigma certification and if it is transferrable. Depending upon the employer, you may need to re-certify in six sigma once you are hired. That is another reason why it is important to continue refreshing your knowledge in six sigma.

Companies that have incorporated six sigma are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase their productivity. By being six sigma certified, you are highly marketable to companies that practice six sigma. Once you are trained, always keep up with the latest information about six sigma, this will show employers that you have value and that you will help their company save money. If you want to go a step further, obtain six sigma certification from multiple consulting companies. In doing so, your six sigma certification is bound to be accepted by one or two of the employers that may consider you for employment.

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