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What you need to know about six sigma master black belts

businessmeeting30381062.jpgIf you work in manufacturing, you more than likely have heard of six sigma certification levels, including the master black belts. While it may sound like this has something to do with karate, it's actually a term used to identify someone who has received the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency - and it doesn't involve and kicking or punching!

Levels of six sigma certification
Six sigma is a series of processes that help companies identify unsuccessful methods, then work to eliminate waste and improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Six sigma is a very popular methodology used by a number of companies to save money without compromising quality.

In order to implement six sigma within an organization, professionals must be trained to learn and then apply its various concepts. This is done by becoming certified in various levels of the six sigma process. These levels are similar to that of martial arts. The levels are: green belt, black belt, and master black belt. The green belt is the first stage, the black belt is the next stage, and the master black belt is the final stage.

What is a six sigma master black belt?

The highest belt one can attain in terms of Six Sigma is the master black belt. The master black belt exhibits a number of qualities that pertain to sound business practices, including technical and organizational proficiency. The master black belt has a great understanding of the six sigma mathematical process used to analyze data and come up with statistics. This is necessary because the Master Black Belt also trains those at the black belt level.

One of the major duties of the master black belt is to train those at the black and green belt levels. It is typically unacceptable for green or black belts to do any kind of training, and if they must, it is recommended that a master black belt at least be available to observe and guide the lower level. This is especially true when it comes to statistical training.

Companies find it advantageous to have a master black belt in their midst for a number of reasons, particularly because they can train green and black belts, saving the company money on outside training.

How can you be a master black belt?
In order to be considered as a master black belt, you must first obtain the levels of green belt and black belt. Each level progressively takes on more responsibility. A green belt is a team leader and coordinates six sigma projects. A black belt has more technical knowledge than a green belt and typically has a background in math and statistics. Once these levels have been obtained, an individual can strive for the master black belt.

There are a number of different places you can find master black belt training. The Internet will prove to be a useful tool when searching for master black belt training and certification. Keep in mind though, that no set training standards exist, and training, which typically involves a week or two of workshops and seminars, can be fairly expensive. Word of mouth is a good way to find six sigma master black belt training.

There are a few of the things you should know about six sigma master black belts.

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