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Where to get six sigma training


If you work in manufacturing, chances are you've heard of six sigma. Six sigma is a popular method used within the world of manufacturing to improve quality and eliminate defects within an organization's processes.

The method of six sigma involves providing businesses with tools to increase their overall performance and customer satisfaction. This is done by mathematically analyzing various forms of data and information, then using it to anticipate the needs of their customers. The overall goal of Six Sigma is to increase a company's profits by identifying and then eliminating factors that contribute to waste and customer dissatisfaction.

All of the information manufacturing professionals learn about six sigma is taught by certified six sigma trainers who help various organizations and individuals apply the six sigma principles properly. Six sigma certification helps ensure that the concepts are taught in accordance with correct six sigma information.

Six Sigma certifies its members through Green, Black, and Master Black Belt certification. In order to be considered as a master black belt, the highest level, an individual must first obtain the levels of green belt and black belt. Each level progressively takes on more responsibility. A green belt is a team leader and coordinates six sigma projects. A black belt has more technical knowledge than a green belt and typically has a background in math and statistics. Once these levels have been obtained, an individual can strive for the master black belt.

Six Sigma training material

If you are interested in implementing six sigma within your own organization, there are a number of places you can go to get training material. These sites and organizations will also direct you to places that can provide you with actual classroom six sigma training.

  • This website provides a number of different types of training to receive your Green, Black and Master Black Belt certification. In addition, it also has a number of helpful resources, including a wide variety of articles and links to help you learn more about six sigma and how to apply it to your business practices.
  • offers courses, training, and certification in the various six sigma levels. They provide six sigma training courses and certification classes all around the country, so you can take an actual class if you prefer to do that instead of going online.
  • Air Academy Associates Six Sigma. This organization offers simplified training materials and software for those organizations seeking to learn six sigma. This is perfect for those who are new to Six Sigma or who want a basic, simplified overview. They offer classes online and in various locations throughout the country.
  • BMG. This organization, with more information at, provides a 2-day workshop for intensive six sigma training specifically for business managers and leaders.

In addition to the above, there are a number of books and workbooks to be found that can help you learn six sigma. Information you will typically learn in these training classes and online classes include Six Sigma Introduction, Six Sigma Project Definition, Project Selection Process, Six Sigma Deployment, Process Mapping, Input Prioritization Tools, Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Statistical Process Control, Process Control Plan, and other topics that vital to your six sigma training.

There are many places you can go to find reputable six sigma training, either online or in various workshops throughout the country.

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