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Where to post openings for manufacturing jobs

Manufacturing jobs are interesting in that although manufacturing jobs are often described as difficult to find, manufacturing turnover rates are among the highest.It typically takes about a month to fill a vacant position in the manufacturing industry.So, the combination of potential employees not knowing where to look and the manufacturing industry not knowing where to post their job openings is a real concern.

Manufacturers are anxious to keep their plant floor staffed in order to maximize their efficiency.Over recent years, production in the United States has become more oriented towards what are called "non-traded" goods.Non-traded goods include such goods as residential housing investment and commercial construction.Because the consumer is moving away from the traded goods industry, of which manufacturing plays a vital role, the manufacturing industry is suffering and is looking to improve their work force in order to remain competitive and retain their standing as the supplier of roughly three-quarters of all U.S. goods traded.

Manufacturing employment in 2004 reached its lowest level since 1950 (14.3 million jobs).Filling existing opened manufacturing jobs has become more important than ever before.And manufacturing businesses are in need of employees who will bring the best to their plants.

There are many different ways to post job openings for manufacturing jobs.You may want to use every outlet necessary to advertise your job opening.Or you may want to take a less aggressive approach and narrow down your pool of potential applicants.Regardless, different manufacturing industries will and should advertise where their potential applicants are most likely to look.It is safe to assume that an individual looking for a job in the food production industry, will have different qualifications and expectations for work than someone looking to work at a textile manufacturing plant.

Fortunately there are ways to reach a general audience.The internet provides employers with a way to reach a global job applicant pool.Online employment sites such as and (who specialize in manufacturing specific and international opportunities) are sites that are familiar to many individuals and are popular with job seekers.

If you want to narrow your search pool, you can add an employment opportunity link on your manufacturing company's web site.Doing this will yield job seekers who are typically more interested in your specific company versus a manufacturing job wherever they can find one. Individual company web sites are also relatively easy to maintain and access is not restricted by an outside company.

Recruiting services such as the manufacturing specific ones provided by Aerotek ( are also a hassle free way of posting job openings.Aerotek is a particularly good option for manufacturers because of their experience in understanding of the manufacturing industry and knowing where the best skilled trades and light technical manufacturing jobs are.The services of a recruiting company are often free to job seekers but the companies looking for the employee will most likely be charged a fee for the services of the recruiting company.

Employment classifieds are still a tried and true method for posting job openings.Employment classifieds can be found in local newspapers or in online classified ads.The job seeker who may not be as familiar with cyber space is more likely to find your job opening by a more tangible means (such as the newspaper).Also, newspaper classified adds are often very economical, as far as your budget is concerned, depending on the size and space of the ad that you think is necessary.

As you decide where the best place is for your company to post their job openings, keep all of the options listed in mind.If you have not had success with a specific method of job posting in the past, do not be afraid to try something new.

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