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Winning Customer Satisfaction With Six Sigma

Using Six Sigma is a great way to improve your organization as you are able to identify defects and errors that are occurring within the company. You need to focus your efforts on being able to understand the product defects that are occurring as it could end up leading to serious issues from product recalls to upset customers and other things. Using Six Sigma you can easily win over your customers with the right type of program that focuses on reducing the defects and providing them with better support and service.

The nice thing about Six Sigma is that it is a proven process. You can use it in just about any company and you know that it can work. You have to look at the tools that are available in order to help you set up disciplined strategies to give you predictability with the organization to give you better production overall.

For Six Sigma to work properly you have to believe in it and stand behind it when your employees are unsure. The more you are able to focus on it, the easier it will be for you to have success in creating the right analysis for the organization. You want to have reduction of failure at all of the different areas of the company.

When defects are lower, you won't have product recalls and other things. This means you have a perfection rate that is going to be much higher and your customers will be happier. When you strive toward perfection with the company, it does help to give you a stronger customer base to work with. They will spread the word about your company to others as you have a success rate that they are happy with and want to have their friends and others enjoy as well.

As you learn more about Six Sigma you have to look at the various techniques that help to make the process into a success. You need to have proper understanding of the different Six Sigma processes and you need to work on improving the different things that can keep your customers happy. Using customer service surveys can help as they show you what issues the customers have with the company and it can reduce defects even more and will be able to reduce losses that you are also dealing with.

It helps to understand what the different steps are in proper implementation of Six Sigma. Here is one program that you can use to have the right type of outputs for the company:
- Define, this is the step that you want to use when you are first figuring out what the problems are. You need to be able to understand what your customers expect and what you are doing right and wrong to satisfy them. You also need to identify the issues that you can see and create the right type of goals to prevent additional issues from arising.
- Measure, this is the phase where you want to have data collection tools and other things that will help you to see how your goals are actually working.
- Analyze, with this phase you will take the data and compare it to the goals to see what is working and you can see defect rates and make changes here and there. It allows you to achieve success by changing goals and to watch for ways to improve the company in the long run.
- Improve, here is the phase where you are going to have success with the company you will need to end up dealing with process improvement techniques. This is the action phase where you need to have a chance to try and fix the problems all the time.
- Control, the last phase maintains the things that you have been able to create to have a stronger company in the long run and on-going improvement.

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