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Working with employees to improve manufacturing safety

It does not matter where you work or what line of work you are in, accident can and will always happen at some point in time.Most of the accidents that happen in the work place can be avoided through some safety training and implementation.Working with employees to improve manufacturing safety is a necessary part of the job.Most safety rules are not followed because they are easy to ignore, and employees feel that the rules don't apply to them.Simple things such as wearing safety glasses, or a helmet while on the job are rules that need to be given strict head.Here are some suggestions to working with employees to improve the safety in your manufacturing plant.

Praise and Reward
An easy and great way to improve the safety of your employees in manufacturing is to reward those who are following the safety rules.It may sound a bit juvenile, but it seems to work.Just as children love to be rewarded when they do something good, so do adults.More often than not we focus our attention on those who are not following safety procedures and rules and have many forms of punishment for their behavior.What about those who are following the rules?Where is their reward?Just like our peers, it is the employees that set the standard for behavior, and if you can capitalize on those following the safety rules, the other employees may begin to see that and change on their own.

Upper management
If you want to improve safety in your manufacturing plant then try starting with the top.Make sure that your upper and senior management, as well as the floor manager are dedicated to safety in the work place.Should employees be expected to follow safety regulations if their upper management does not?Upper management needs to make safety a priority so that employees see that it is a serious thing.We have all heard the saying "do as I say, not as I do."What good are safety rules, if upper management is not setting the example?You must practice what you preach if you want other to follow suit.

A great way to make sure that all employees know and understand safety regulations is to have monthly meetings for them.New employees are hired, and old ones leave so having monthly meetings will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the safety in your manufacturing plant.Go over different safety topics each month; a crash course of safety.Make sure that you also offer CPR and First Aid training so all employees know what to do if a situation arises where those skills are needed.

Acoustic Insulation
It may sound funny, but installing acoustic insulation can decrease the noise in your manufacturing plant, and also help keep the outside noise out.This will allow employees a quieter work place, and prevent distractions so employees can concentrate on their work.This also may help prevent ear damage for employees working with loud pieces of machinery.

One of the best ways to make your manufacturing plant safe is to implement some sort of program that improves efficiency.There are many great programs and manufacturing techniques out there to help with efficiency.Six Sigma is one of those programs to help with that goal.

Working with employees to improve manufacturing safety is an important part of the work place.Take the needed steps to ensure that your work place is safe for others to be in.

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